Saturday, June 6, 2009


It has finally stopped raining and we actually had a nice sunny day! We had several chores around the house and I'm still dealing with the excess inventory from the Antique Marketplace Booth. My dining room has been the storage facility and it's about to drive me crazy! There's still tons of "stuff" and I don't have any extra room to store it all. Come Tuesday, I'm taking another load to Walnut Cove and see if I can get a few more things in my booth there.
A little News friend Deb has opened her web site, The Carolina Peddler, again! YIPEE! She has some really unique handmade items and will be slowly adding new goodies, so check it often! You can find it here:
I want to explain again about entering my web site contest for June. You can leave a comment on every single post that I make and get entered, again and again! It's fine with me if you just say HI! I LOVE to hear from you guys, regardless! LOL! I'm so glad so many folks are excited about the giveaway!
I've been busy most of today, so this is gonna be short for tonite. Resting (sort of) and watching a Hallmark movie.
Be back tomorrow!


basketsnprims said...

Hi ~
I'm off to check out your friend's new site, thanks for posting the link.

Debra said...

Oh gosh I hate to have to store things- I have been trying to clean out my Mom's house and have things stacked everywhere!