Sunday, June 26, 2011

Web site special.....

Happy Sunday All! Hope everyone has had a great weekend......

Just wanted to let you all know the WEB SITE SPECIAL this week is EVERYTHING!!! Yep, I said everything!! Be sure and check it out!! In all my years of having a web site, I have never done anything like this.. Only for a limited time and there are limited amounts of some items. There's also a new category with ODDS 'N ENDS.
There will some changes coming after the July holiday...Due to rising costs of materials and shipping, we have decided to do some things a bit different...more details the meantime, take advantage of what we have to offer.................
I'll be back soon. Have you all seen these?

They are absolutely precious!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure and stop by my web site:

Until next time,


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Shari,
Well I know what you are all the years I have had my website I have never raised my prices until this past week.
The cost of materials has gone up 12% and I stayed where I was.
The lady who licensed my products a few years back told me I was way too low - her prices retail were higher than mine!
Well, after so many years it happened.
Be anxious to see what you are doing.


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