Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday's "Doll Deal"

Good Morning Folks!
TGIF! I've had a very busy and productive week. But...I must say that I'm kind of looking forward to the week-end. I've had a cut on my hand and a (severely) broken nail that have both gotten infected a bit. I'm happy to say that both are finally getting better. I've had these 2 bandages on my right hand that have affected every thing I've tried to do this week. LOL!
Summer vacation is over for Alex and Miss Elle. School started for them on Wednesday. It seems like summer vacation is getting shorter and shorter. Here they are on the front porch of their house. I took pictures of my kids like this and I'm so pleased Am has continued the tradition.
They are both so cute and growing up so quickly! They look just like their Mom!
Here's Today "DeAL"
Love these make-do Dolls!
She's a cutie!
Find her on the front page of my web site.
Thanks for stopping by today!

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