Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sale continues....

Good Morning!
I have decided to extend the Cyber Monday sale for a bit longer. Check it out here:
The last couple of weeks I have been trying to use up and finish up projects that I have had in my "studio". I had no idea that I had so many items just sitting there in my "To Do" drawer. So, slowly, but surely, here are a few that I finished and have already sold.
 My goal is to have them all finished by 1/1/2014!
love this design by my embroidery machine and everyone loves the little candleholder
(I am making all sizes and colors of these.)    

these are sooo cute tucked in a cupboard

this looks like it could have come out of Grandma's attic
(I love using these on the kitchen counter as a catch-all for keys, mails and such)

this is one of my favorites
I have a few more, but I'll post them later. Pictures aren't wanting to load.
Christmas is in 22 days!
Thanks for stopping by today!
See you tomorrow!

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