Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday morning....

I started a post the other day and never got back to finish it. I'm going to try now. Here's a few more pictures...

this was the volcano activity we saw.............rather disappointing! We were supposed to see a volcano from a distance. Not what we thought...this is volcano activity.

a friend outside our room....he was there everyday.


Jungle where I fell....

Roadside where pottery was made....

Can't seem to load any more pics, so I suppose I'll just tell you about it. The first day we arrived it was wonderful! We saw some old friends and went to a pool side reception with lots of different and interesting foods. This is the only time that I ever try foods that I'm not sure what they are, LOL!! Sometimes, I can find something that I really like and sometimes I end up eating octopus or something really weird! Nothing that night really struck my fancy, but I didn't go away hungry!

The second morning we got up bright and early to go on a nature walk to see the volcanao from a distance and see animals, flowers, trees and such along the way. After the 1 and 1/2 hour bus ride, we discovered it was not exactly a  nature walk. No nice trails like we have always been used to...but what do you do? Out in the middle of the jungle, hot as can be and no where to wait. NOT even a real bathroom!! So anyhow, I decided this will still be fun. About a mile into the walk, I slip on a log going over the river and the fun comes to an immediate stop....I'm fine ( I think) so we proceed with the next mile that is absolutely awful. I have to hobble my way through and along the way, some of the folks that are probably half our age start complaining! Too funny!
Well, anyway we finally make it back to the bus. At least it's cool and there's water there! As soon as I sit down, my left foot starts swelling like crazy. By the time we get back to the resort, it hardly looks like a foot at all. At least it's not real painful. I take a few ibuprophen, put some ice on it and take a rest before dinner. Everything goes downhill from it time to go home, yet?

Needless to say, my first (ever) trip to Costa Rica was not the fun I had expected. After we returned home, I went to my doctor and my foot is broken in three different places and I have a boot cast up to my knee. I have bruised ribs (that even now 2 weeks later) are giving me a fit. My right arm has a sprain and a bruise that reaches all the around my elbow. Altho, my arm is healing nicely and the bruise is almost gone. I went to the Dr. at the resort and was told that my foot had a medium sprain....guess it's always good to get a second opinion.

That's my vacation story!  

I hope to start posting more of my handmade prims soon!
If you haven't been by my web site lately, you should check it out. I have managed to get a few new things made and there's a new special!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Is it really 4th of July already? I do hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday!

Where does the time go??? I didn't realize it's been over a month since I have posted here. It's been a very busy Summer around here and I hardly know where to start.........

My oldest daughter, Amity and her family have bought a new home and have already gotten settled in. My youngest daughter Cate is getting married in Aug. Hard to imagine, seems like she should be about 12, instead of 25. I really, really wish the best for both of them and just want them to be happy, cause bottom line, that's all that's really important.


We were on vacation to Costa Rica the later part of June. Such a beautiful lush and green! There were places that looked fake, because they were so green. Here's a few random pics....

I guess this will be part one....can't seem to get anymore pictures to load.
I'll be back soon with more trip pics and pics of what I've been up to....

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