Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday afternoon........

It's a bright, sunny afternoon in K-ville...lots of the snow is melting, but there's still a lot on the secondary streets. It was 11 degrees when we got up this morning and it's a little after 4:30 and it's 35 degrees. Supposed to get down to around 10 tonight, so everything will be frozen over by morning. School will probably be closed for days...........better safe than sorry. The streets around us have not been plowed since early Saturday morning and not at all in my neighborhood.

I've been stuck at home and I have found a few books and patterns that I am no longer needing. Thought maybe someone out there in blogland could use em'.
The prices are on each item...shipping is extra.

Bunny pattern ~SOLD~

Never used either one of these...Hen and chicks ~SOLD~

Prim painting projects in this one....~SOLD~
Garden projects and seasonal in this one....~SOLD~

Annies and Kittens Dolls are in this one....~SOLD~
Cute country-prim painted projects ~SOLD~
18 quilting projects in this one.~SOLD~

I will ship the least expensive way for you. If you're interested or have any questions, email me:

Almost forgot, last day to enter January Giveaway!!!!
Be back soon...........

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Does Anyone Know.........

I have been planning to ask y'all about a few things and I always seem to forget it when the time comes.

I am looking for a pattern for a Prairie Doll Pattern that looks like the ones from Honey and me....I have a customer that wants some, but not too prim. (Prissy prim as we call her.) The bonnet needs to be the real kind,  gathered around the brim.
And also, simple little cross-stitch patterns to make hanging pillows or pin-keeps. Very, very simple patterns for holidays and for everyday that would finish out to be about 4 x 6 inches or smaller. These need to be just simple sayings and not too complicated.


This is one of the things I have been working today....
It's really harder to decorate than you would think. I have to actually use the space for my everyday plates and bowls. Some of the pottery pieces aren't used very often and I thought they looked nice. Do you notice the little strainer that I got yesterday? I also had to work around the screws that were used to hang the cupboard. But, you can barely tell where the hinge screws were. All in all, I am happy with it. Hubby doesn't mind either...he just doesn't want me to damage the doors that WE took off. He actually helped me do it.

I have been playing around with my stove cover and this is what I came up with.

I'm pleased with it for now........

This is how it all looks together....

Gonna run and stitch for a little while. Be back soon.

Hugs and Blessings,

Snowy Saturday.........

The weathermen guessed it right again on this cold, snowy, January day! We got quite a bit of snow again. That's twice on a weekend and twice this winter. Here's a few shots that I took last night when it was just starting.....

In the beginning, it didn't stick to the streets or sidewalks, but look at my poor bushes....


But then later into the night, it started getting colder.....this is what we woke up to

Jake loves watching the birds in the snow....clever seating, don't ya think? He couldn't see over the snow drifting up to the windows.

You can't see any grass at all in the back, just a blanket of white...

I think the snow is over now. At least, I hope so. We probably got around 8 inches or so. That's a lot for this part of NC. Plus, it's really cold at 23 degrees! It will take a few days for us to get out. But,
I'm staying busy today, craftin', cleanin' and cookin'!! I may be back later with some pics of my tweaking.

Also, wanted to let y'all know this is the special going on at my web site.....

Primitive Dusting Cap

Only $4.99 for a limited time!!!
You can find it here....

Stay warm and safe!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Snowy Friday................

I can't believe another week has shot by...between Drs.appointments (mine and going with my Mom and Dad), my niece having her twins, Saydee and Sawyer to go along with ShyAnn and Skyler (all S's, six letters and all have a Y, cute huh?) working on orders, picking up supplies and making a trip on Thursday to Pilot Mountain and Fancy Gap.....and to top it off we are supposed to get another significant amount of SNOW this weekend.
It's barely 7:00 here and the grass is covered, but none on the sidewalk or streets. They (don't exactly know who they are???) decided earlier today to close schools 2 hours early and cancel evening activities all around the Triad. We went out to dinner beause I was afraid we'd be stuck in the house all weekend. There were lots of folks out and about, even in the pouring Snow. I'll post some pics tomorrow.......

 First of all, Tammy has some great things in the Peddler Store at Pilot Mountain. Here's a few things that I forgot to share last time I was there.
This great little candleholder...

Rusty hanging candleholder....

Wall or lap quilt, Jackson not included....and not to forget Jake

Aren't they getting big???


I found this on Thursday as one of the Antique stores.

I couldn't resist it. It has a heart logo on it....


Then on to Fancy Gap to take this....

If any of you guys are near Crockett's Country Store, it is well worth the drive! Right now, they have a huge selection of braided rugs, enamelware (ON SALE) and little kitchen table sets. The store is decorated for Valentine's Day and looks great!!! Betty and Dan are always there to answer questions and offer plenty of decorating ideas!!
I got these few things while I was there....

I'll show you soon where the enamelware strainer is going. Love, love, love these little bunches of flowers. The leaves remind me of fun foam that my kids used to play with. The label is going on a large jar my Mom saved for me.
I didn't realize this was going to be so long. Just a couple more things and then I'm off to finish a project.
I put a few new things on my web site yesterday and I am so excited!!! I sold three of these almost as soon as I got it on there. Turned out really CUTE!!!

Accessories shown are not included...
and have already sold one of these

Round table bench/riser..........

Stay warm and safe. I'll be back soon with some other projects.......


Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday already...........

it's Friday and another COLD, drippy day in K-ville. What happened to the Spring-like days earlier this week?  I have lots of projects to do in the garage and it's too stinking cold to even go out there.....
and to make matters worse....I have had some type of computer problems this whole week!! Several times this week,  I've tried to post and it just warning, no nothin"!! So annoying!! I'm used to sitting down and everything working like a charm. Hubby has been so wonderful to make everything as easy as possible for me and it really ticks me off if it doesn't. It's like it has been possessed for several days. It has  had a mind of it's own this week. On Wednesday, it was soooooo bad that it wouldn't partiscipate at all. Finally, after much fussin' and a few choice words, hubby worked on it for me. He decided that we needed more memory, so off to Winston we went. After spending $100.00 (yes, one hundred dollars) on two little thingys, about the size of bacon strips, we were headed home. It took him about 30 seconds to install it and it worked really well. But, for some reason yesterday and several times just reboots on its own. I can be in the middle of something and it just shuts down and restarts. He's gonna check out a few other things when I finished for the day.
I'm about to think that it just dis-likes Blogs and such..... what do y'all think??


Rondell over at Tomato Creek Prims ( )
  bought little homespun hearts from me last week and has posted them in her blog header. They look so perfect in her display. Thanks for sharing , Rondell!


Amity sent me these pictures of the Grandkids yesterday. They are growing faster than weeds! Can't believe how grown-up they both look.

These were school pictures, but actually really good shots. Alex is in kindergarten and Miss Elle is in pre-school.


I'll close with a couple of things that I put on my web site today....

Love, love, love how these turned out! You can choose your favorite fabric and color!
Only $1.99 EACH!!
You can find them here:

and this

Pillow set...only $12.99 for the set
You can find it here:


For those of you that found the special of the week... (the little table bench) SOLD OUT,
IT"S BACK!! I corrected the error and it is once again available for purchase! I didn't expect the response that I received on this one! Yipee!!

You can find it here:

Well, I have a few things left on my list for today, so I'm gonna run for now. Thanks to all of you for stopping by and entering my giveaway! And for all the comments!

Monday, January 18, 2010

just a few pics to share....this weeks web site special...

Finally a beautiful sunny day! We ( hubby is on vacation again) actually opened a couple of windows today. Jake and Jackson enjoyed laying in the sun and taking a nap.

Web site special for this week.
This fabulous table bench/riser is only $7.50!!

You can find it here:


I also, wanted y'all to see some of the goodies I have been working on....wish I could remember to take more pics of things before I ship them out.

Some of these were for wholesale orders, web site orders and a few things went to Pilot Mountain.

I also wanted folks to know that I am offering wholesale again! I have "openings" for 3 new customers! If you're interested, email me:

I need to reboot my computer, so I'll be back a little later...........

Saturday, January 16, 2010

nice Saturday in K-ville.........

We have finally had some warmer temperatures around here. Today wasn't real sunny, but at least I didn't freeze my fannie off.

We went out to breakfast and then to the grocery store, but didn't really get anything. I went yesterday and got most of what we needed. I came home and started working on some orders.

It has been been such a busy week for me. Finally got up to Pilot Mountain to pick up my Christmas leftovers and to take a few new things. Decided to offer a few of the Christmas things here. I know that everyone is probably SICK of Christmas, but can you all really resist a bargain? And I don't want to have to pack it all away, lazy here we go.

Set of grungy candy canes made from burgandy ticking
Christmas greenery, berries and tag
About 8 x 6 inches in size
Originally sold for $10.00
NOW $5.00 set plus 3.50 shipping

Primitive muslin snowman head
Christmas greenery halo
About 11 inches tall by 10 inches wide
Measures 30 inches around....can you tell how big he is in comparison to the crate?
Originally sold for $18.99
NOW $9.00 plus 5.00 shipping

Patchwork Stockings in a Crazy Quilt Design
About 19 x 5 inches in size...Backing is burgandy check homespun
Originally sold for $15.99 ea.
NOW $14.00 Set plus 3.00 shipping
NOW $9.00 SET of 2!!! plus 3.00 shipping

Christmas Homespun Star
Rusty Bell, berries, Greenery, grungy Tag and glitter
About 14.5 inches tall by 10 inches wide
Originally $15.99
NOW $5.25 plus 5.00 shipping

If you're interested or have ?'s me
Will be happy to combine shipping to save you even more.

Thanks for looking.
Hugs and Blessings,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Freezin' Saturday Morning..............

Is it as cold for y'all, as it is here in NC? I have been just about to freeze to death this week. Have tried to stay in as much as possible, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and venture out. A few times out to the grocery store, Walmart, Lowes and the post office. That's about as far as I could make it. Oh, and a couple of trips to the vet with Mr. Jake.

I found out a couple of days ago that (my) Walmart is no longer going to be selling fabric!!! This really stinks to me, as I'm sure it has and does to folks all over the country. We have no where to buy anything fabric related without driving to Winston-Salem or Greensboro. Do any of you know if they will continue to sell fiberfill in the boxes????

I've actually been pretty busy this week working on orders. Dolls seem to be the item of the week....orders for ten on hand right now. That's rather unusual for me. Pillow orders are coming in right along with the dolls. Wood items are a close third....

Question for y' you decorate for Valentine's Day or go right to Spring/Easter? I usually have a few Snowmen out for January, then put out my Valentine goodies a couple of weeks before the Holiday. Do most folks even bother?

I made this cute little handpainted sign with a heart and have already sold one.

So, I think I'll add it to my web site.


Yesterday, I added a few things to my Etsy store and will be adding a few more goodies soon. I kinda like the idea of selling on Etsy and on my blog, 'cause you can have control over the shipping charges.


I'm still having a 20% off sale over at my web site through today, so check that out if you get a chance. And don't forget to keep entering the January Giveaway!


This was a special request that I was asked to do for a gift. I might offer these on my site as well....hand-painted, not stenciled. This one is purple and white, no antiquing....quite a change for me.

Here's another cutie that I made during Christmas...I think she has the most unique personality! LOL!!

Well, that's about it for now.
Until next time.