Friday, August 27, 2010


I made it! to Friday that is! It has been quite a week for me....I spent alot of time with my parents this week. My Dad has been having some health issues and the most important thing was for me to be with them. Everything hopefully will be fine in a few more days, but my Dad is nearing 80 and my Mom is close behind.  Any time with them is time well spent. You never have regrets if you put your family first.

I have worked on some new goodies and orders this week and have finally gotten caught up from craft booths got some much needed TLC as well. Not a lot, but a bit. If all goes well, I want to re-do the booth in Pilot Mountain soon. I know Tammy is going to have some fabulous new pieces and a Fall Open House in September and I want my booth (with Terri) to look wonderful.

I have also worked on my web site a bit.....I'm having two front page specials:

 Prairie Bird is the first.
You can find it here:

And the second one.
Muslin Pillow with Star
You can find it here:

Check them out if you get a chance......

It has taken me almost all day to this and the first time I posted (or so I thought)  couldn't get any pictures to seems fine now.
I'll see you all soon!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Goodies for Sunday.....

 We've had another lovely day in NC. I almost hate to see the weekend  be over. I've been busy working on a few orders and on a some new items......wish there were more hours in my days! Just can't seem to get enough accomplished sometimes. My (creative) brain is in overdrive with ideas, but can't make them all. Don't ya think FALL is such a neat time to craft?? Sooooo many different things you can make and do....
More craft patterns for sale:



Welcome ~SOLD~

SOMEONE!! please be interested in these!! I have so many that I am never going to use!!

first come-first served
New to my web site today:

Cupboard Tuck Kitty

Pumpkin Cupboard Tuck

One of a kind, HARVEST HANNAH
Check out my web site :

Still have several things to do this evening, so I'm gonna scoot for now. Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New for Saturday....

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, so far! It's beautiful here in NC, although a little warm. Hubby mowed the grass and I was out in the workshop cutting a few pieces of wood for a new project. We're all done now and as I am resting, thought I would share this new doll.
Meet Maggie, a Primitive Doll:

I absolutely love how she turned out! Pictures don't do her justice!
You can find her here:

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to school sale and a few more new goodies.....

I'm back again with a REAL quick post...twice in one day!!! First, I'm having a Back to School Sale over at my web site. 20% off your purchase! Check it out here:

And second, I just added these:

Blue check calico bonnet
~Shipping Included~
You can find it here:

Love these grungy, silk sunflowers
You can find the wreath here:

You can find them here:

Gotta run for sure and check out my web site:
for new goodies and SALE prices!!
Have a Blessed day!


Whew, it's Friday.........

What a week this has been! I meant to post on Wednesday and then again, yesterday, but I was so tired that I couldn't sit down and use my brain. I took a little trip on Wednesday up to Betty and Dan's (Crockett's Country Store) recently re-opened store in Whythville, VA! Oh my goodness, you have to go by and visit if you are anywhere near the area! It's an old house COMPLETELY filled with primitives, antiques and handmades! It's kinda like stores used to be years ago, filled with charm and personality! I forgot my camera, but here's a sampling of their FALL merchandise.

Bill and I will be going back up there around Labor Day and I will definately take my camera!!


Along with trying to get caught up on orders, here's a few more things that I have been working on this week and some are available on my web site....

 Hanging Wood Pumpkin
You can find it here:

Jumbo Wood Pumpkin

Pumpkin Make-Do

Set of three CANDY CORN
You can find it here:


More patterns for SALE
if interested email me:

These booklets are filled with ideas and instructions
$2.00 ea. mailing

Doll patterns
$1.50 Ea. plus mailing

Before closing....if anyone is interested in buying WHOLESALE from my web site, email me for info!

Gonna run for now. Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back soon!

Hugs and Blessings,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More patterns for sale.......

It's Tuesday already and I can barely remember what happened to Monday...I've only got a few minutes as I am making dinner. Hot boiled shrimp with drawn butter and cocktail sauce, baked potatoes and a sliced iceberg lettuce salad with grape tomatoes, fresh cucumber and green pepper (hubby's new favorite salad). I bought a couple of cake slices for dessert, but I'm not sure if we'll eat them.

Okay on to the business at hand.......

I bought these from some one's blog with the intention of making little pantry cakes. I've never gotten around to it and thought maybe someone else might want them to try. These are quite small, I photographed them on a piece of scrapbooking paper, 8.5 x 11, so you could visulize the general size. The small one is about 2.75 inches across. The larger one is about 3.75 inches across.

$7.00 set for the set includes mailing costs.
Never used
$1.00 ea. plus mailing cost
New, never used
1.00 ea. plus mailing cost

If you're interested in anything....send me an email


Be back soon with pictures of what I have been working on.......


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beautiful Sunday with lots of Bargains.....

The weekend is almost over and I have accomplished so much. My craft room/studio is almost completely organized, plus I am sewing bonnets and pumpkins this afternoon. Such a nice feeling to sew where the floor is clear and shelves are dusted. Pretty soon, I'll be sharing pics of a newly painted room, at least I hope so. During all the cleaning, I have discovered several books, leaflets, fabrics and more that I know in my heart I will never use and have decided to part with. Here are a few things to start with:

Each one of these books are filled with tons of projects and detailed instructions.
2.75 Ea. plus shipping

Each one of these have some GREAT DOLLS!!! I actually have a duplicate of the Olde Friends one.
$2.00 ea. plus shipping

$1.75 plus shipping
This has been opened, but never cut. I was surprised to find how large all these are...

These are all on a first come basis...if you're interested, have any questions or would like more pictures, please email me:


Also, I have updated over at my web site. We're having two specials this week:

First, Colonial Style Caddle Paddle:

Only $2.94! Yep, less than $3.00 for this fabulous little candleholder!

You can find it here:

And the second item is:
Pantry Towel

Only $4.00 Ea.
You can find it here:

That's all for now....more bargains to come soon! Off to grunge pumpkins!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Cleaning Up and Out.....

Hey Everybody! Hope you all are having a great weekend so far. It is finally a little cooler here, so I decided to tackle cleaning and organizing my craft room/studio!! In between working on orders and looking for new things to make, I have barely had time for anything else. But, today, I decided to take a few hours and JUST DO IT!!

I have a question for all you crafting do you organize your magazines to find articles/patterns that you might want to make at a later time? I always seem to forget or wait too long for that season and by the time the next year rolls around, there's new magazines plus I have totally forgotten about the previous years. There must be some way that other folks do it. I had even thought about scanning into my computer, but that would take way too much time. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. For the moment, I just keep all my magazines on a bookshelf in my room.

Taking a break from all this and going to the Mexican restaurant for lunch! Yum!!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday night witch, oh my........

I just about missed making this post for today....I have only a few minutes, but wanted to share with ya'll my first ever Make-do Doll!!!
I hope folks will like her....I totally designed her and even made the little witches hat. I loved making her, so I already have a few more started. One with candy corn on a stick, one for everyday with a calico dress and sheep and lastly another one for everyday, dressed in homespun with folk art flower. 
Be back soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New for Thursday......

Just a few pics of new goodies on my web site .....
Primitive Candy Corn Set....

Olde Crow Make-Do....

Cupboard Tuck Pumpkin....

OOAK Grungy Pumpkin Set....
More coming soon!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New for Tuesday........

Just a quick post to say Hey and share a few new things!
I'm finally getting back into my normal routine. Getting caught up on some orders and getting a few new things on my site. It's still really hot here, but there were a few showers around this afternoon.
It seems most folks are working on Fall goodies and wanting to see what's new...I'm working on a little bit of everything.
Here's a sampling:

Grungy, ooak make-do birdPrimitive Fall sign.....

Love how this turned prim!!

OOAK, old flour sifter...
OOAK grungy bonnet.......shipping included!!

Prim wood pumpkins with lots of moss....
Prim wood heart...

Homespun Prairie Bird Make-Do....

This isn't everything and not everything is on my site yet. 
You can the new stuff on this page:

That's all for now....Warehouse 13 is coming on SY FYsoon!!! Love that show!!

Hugs and Blessings,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday morning, giveaway winner and rambling....

Well, another week has flown by and I haven't accomplished (near) what I needed to....the beginning of the week was pretty much taken up with Dr's. appointments. I was supposed to start a new treatment for my blood problem, but by the time Wednesday rolled around, I had talked myself and my oncologist out of it. After attempting it on Monday and Tuesday, I thought it best not to try on Wednesday. Maybe, someone was trying to tell me something, huh??? So, after careful thought and consideration, we have decided to try a new medication and see what the numbers show in 30 days and then again in 60 days.


This has been an all day process for me trying to make this post....I keep getting interrupted and can't seem to find the time to sit back down. I wanted to finally announce the July Giveaway Winner!! It took a little time to hear back from the winner, because she was on vacation. I didn't want to just give it to someone else and now I am so glad that I didn't.....the Winner for July is:

LOUISE Y. from Akron, Ohio!
and Thanks to all that entered!

I have been so busy that I haven't thought of anything to do for August, so I think I will take a break for a month or two. It's so hard trying to keep up with all the entries and making sure that everyone gets their name in the HAT.... I have made promises that I am going to slow down the pace and this is the beginning.

Another way that I am trying to slow down is making everything that will fit and can be shipped in priority boxes from the post office. You can't imagine how much time is spent trying to find boxes to ship signs, shelves and odd shaped items in.  And the cost to do it!!! It's totally out of control...I have flat rate shipping charges and it used to work out. Nowadays, maybe  10% of the time, my flat rate covers the shipping. The fabric items work out most of the time, but 4 orders this week  cost me more than what was charged. I'm sure that everyone is running into the same problems as me, any ideas??


Well, Saturday has turned into Sunday and I'm still working on this post....before it gets any later and Sunday turns to Monday......this is the Special of the Week over at my web site.

the Gathering Room Pillow
Only $5.49 ea.
You can find it here:


Look for new goodies coming soon to my web site!

Thanks for stopping by and take care! I'll be back (sometime) soon!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mexico Pictures....

Happy Sunday to all! Finally, went through the piictures from our trip and these are some of my favorites.....let me warn you there are several..........

Grand Villas Spa and Resort.....quite an entrance!!!
From our balcony

Ancient Ruins at Tulum...I loved this!!

Shopping...Playa del Carmen!!

Airport Bar....

Had to share some pictures of the food!!!

Salad we had at dinner one night....
Main Course....steak and ???

Our room at Grand Villas...
Bathroom....fabulous tub!!
Sitting Area....sorry bout the mess!!
Outside area.....loved this !!

Lounge Area.....
Flowers in courtyard.....

Hope you all enjoyed these! Loved the trip, but I am glad to be home!!