Wednesday, December 15, 2010

long time gone.........

Merry Christmas Blogging Buddies!

It has been so long since I have been here to post and I am sorry for that. As we all know, it's such a busy time of year for everyone and I haven't had much spare time to get my thoughts together.

Between Dr's appointments, dentist appointments, orders, shopping for Christmas, decorating for Christmas, trying to my house cleaned and organized....not to mention a car accident thrown in, my days have been very full. I am finally beginning to get "EVERYTHING" checked off my list. Two more Dr. appointment, one to the Dentist (tomorrow and they're calling for Snow here) 2 more orders, one more gift to buy, (all the others are wrapped and under the tree), house is getting there, as well as some early baking, decorating is a bit sparse this year, just haven't been in the spirit. At my house, I have to move things all around just to make room for the tree and honestly, I haven't had the energy to much more. And finally my car has been repaired and all is well....

I have really been trying to simplify my household. I have been reading that a lot of other folks are doing the same. There is way too much "stuff" going on here for two people. Sometimes, I find myself working all over the house 'cause I have so much going on at one time. One of my  New Year's Resolution is to STAY better organized and keep my crafting confined to my space. There are times that I can't even clean my house for all the projects....NO MORE!! I have taken one room at a time and cleaned from top to bottom! My kitchen is the only room left and it will be finished this week.

Another resolution is to get off all my medication is 2011!!! If I continue to improve like I have the last 45 days, I can do it!! I am so tired of it all and I am following my Dr.'s orders to the letter so I can have a fresh start.

Okay, enough of my rambling, just wanted to explain a bit, but now on to other things.....


While  I was cleaning, I have found a few things that I no longer need. Here's a few pics and if you're interested, email me:

 9.5 inches across, Redwear(?) Christmas Plate :  $7.00 plus actual shipping
Please look closely at plate, it's never been used, but slight imperfections (?) in glaze, but still a beautiful piece

(Wool)felt mitten, 12 inches tall
$5.50 plus actual shipping

Yo Yo Tree Mini Quilt
12 x 10.5 inches
$6.00 plus actual shipping

4.5 x 6 inches
$3.50 plus actual shipping

Snow Ho Ho Wood Plate
9 inches across
$4.00 plus shipping

12 pcs. Resin Candies
1.25 and 2 inches in size
$4.75 set plus shipping

More coming soon!

Shipped ASAP after PAY PAL payment is received.

First come, first served.
Be back soon!


Brenda said...

Good to see you back Shari! Good to hear about your health, hope it keeps up for ya!! Merry Christmas!


Terri at Finder's Keeper's said...

I am impressed, how did you ever get so much done? Maybe I need to stay home and give it the old fashioned try:)

Merry Christmas if I don't see you before!!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Shari,
Well you sound like's a good thing to slow down and enjoy the things around you instead of craming and then not enjoying anything.
I have the exact same plate you are showing here. So pretty. But I left mine packed away this year.


redesigngal said...

Shari: Good to see you back! I agree with you whole-heartedly...I have not been "in the spirit" this year either and have almost non-decorated my house. Sounds like you are determined to get organized, etc. GOOD FOR YOU, I admire people like you who do that.! Merry Christmas!

Angie Berry said...

Goodness girl, sorry to hear about the accident and everything else going on. Glad you were not hurt. Sounds like you found a way to simplify. Sometimes we are thrown in that position and have no other choice. I hope you have some time this week to relax and enjoy Christmas!!