Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Deal.....

ToDaY's DEaL:
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My Christmas tree this year....
It's a slim line with tiny white lights. It's really pretty in person, but it's hard to get a good picture.
I didn't do much except the tree this year. Just wasn't much in the mood. Not a lot of shopping either. Some things for the grandkids, a few gift cards and I've actually made a few things for gifts this year.
I spent yesterday cleaning my guest room and came across these letters that I bought ages ago. I was going to do a collage type of thing, but could never get it to work like I wanted this is what I did......
I placed the indidvidual letters over a peg rack! Looks really cool in person! Wouldn't this be so sweet over a kids bed, to spell out their name?
Well, I'm off to do a few things around the house and maybe take a nap, LOL!! It's pouring down rain and making me very sleepy!
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