Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday morning....

Well, once again I have fallen so far behind on my daily duties, LOL! I'm thinkin' I need to start working "SMARTER" instead of "HARDER"'s been well over a month since I have posted and actually I miss it...I had so many issues with my computer and my email went wonky for awhile and had to change passwords, re-open accounts and actually open new email accounts. No Fun for me, when I was already strapped for time.
But, all is well now and I have up-dated my web site with lots of new goodies and hope to get back to a semi-normal life.
Summer is definately here in NC, but everyone is talking FALL. I've already shipped so many orders of Fall goodies...pumpkins, candy corn, Signs and more.
These are so neat in person. Great to tuck in a cupboard.

This is always a Favorite!

Love, love, love this look! Faux cookies are a huge hit for me along with the grungy board.

Folks are loving these grungy pumpkins! They come in black and a wonderful rusty/orane color. All grubbied up, of course.

This one is huge-about 22 inches across. Perfect fit for a mantle or long shelf.

I have a new deal of the day on my web site! FINALLY!!!

Find it here:
I'm off to do a bit of crafting, but I'll be back with more new items to share!
Thanks for stopping by!


Karen said...

Hi Shari,
What fun offerings you are showing us today...very nice.

Friendship Crossing said...

Wow Shari,
You have certainly been very busy! Everything looks great!


Shari said...

Thank you both! I have been having so much fun...I'll post pics soon of my "new" old stuff!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hi Shari!
Don't feel bad I'm always behind!!!
I'm just starting to make fall goodies so your way ahead of me!
You've been busy ~ lots of wonderful goodies you've made!!!
Happy Creating!
Prim Blessings