Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Good Morning Folks!
Tuesday is here and I'll be spending most of the day in the workshop making signs, boxes and shelves. If there's any time left, I would like to work on some big, tall pumpkins and candy corn. I haven't made the 24 inch tall ones in a long time. But, we'll see. It has been getting so hot out there that I work for short periods and spend so much time running back and forth to stay cool.
Here's a few things that I've made lately. Let me know if you see something that strikes your fancy. I don't have everything on my web site, but I'll be happy to take your order via email.
Love this prim chalkboard. Really nice size at 18 x 11.25 inches.

She's too cute tucked in a cupboard. Her wings are an old quilt.

Doing a lot of designs with my embroidery machine these days. This is a sweet pillow tuck. About 10 x 10 inches in size with your choice of initials.

These are so sweet for Fall.........

And everybody always loves the witch shoes. I've already made 7 or 8 sets and have orders for more.
Well, it's about time for me to get started sewing...but before I do, just want to share
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Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

You are always so busy girl, wish I had your energy, haha! Loving all the new things you are making and the embroidery is so pretty!

Have a delightful week~