Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 is almost here!!

Whew! Can y'all believe it will be a brand new year in a few hours! It's exciting for me...I always look forward to the new year as (almost) a new beginning. I always make a few resolutions, but keep them to myself. But, for the most part, I usually end up keeping most of the things on my list. All in all, 2008 was a very good year for me. My relationship with my husband continues to just get better, and keeping my mouth shut to my children has also improved. My web site continues to do well and I am so blessed to have such wonderful customers. And here at the last minute, I've learned how to do a few new things including needle punch. So, I have no regrets and I am really quite pleased with where I am and who I am.......

Not all folks make resolutions on paper, but I think that most, at least think about it as a time to make changes. Some of us, (like me) use the new year to really reflect on our daily lives and what we can do to make them better.

Bill and I are planning a quiet evening at home. He's been out of town again this week and he's a little tired. And I think I might be coming down with a cold or something. I went to bed last night not feeling well at all and woke up this morning not much better. I am making steaks and shrimp for dinner ( a tradition for us on New Year's Eve) and later we'll watch a movie, have some wine, cheese and crackers to welcome the new year. Sounds boring to some, but we love it.

Another tradition for us is to have baked ham, black-eyed peas and turnip greens on New Years Day! I also take down my Christmas tree on Jan. 1st. I wish I had a tradition to put up my tree, cause I never seem to ever get decorated for Christmas as soon as I would like too. And this year was the worst ever. I never made it up to the attic to get all my ornaments, but oh well, it was fine without them....
Well, I have rambled on and on more than I had planned. So, I'm going to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes for 2009! Be safe and be happy!

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