Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a shame!

I was sitting here last evening with my friend, Retha and Kathy from Just Plain Country ( I have a booth there ) called and told me that part of the building had collapsed! Thank God no one was injured! But, it is devastating for Kathy & Tim. At this point, we can't even get in there to get our "stuff". They are having engineers come in this morning to check it out and hopefully they can fix it quickly. The building is around 100 years old so there's no telling what they might find. My thoughts and prayers are with them and the folks that work for them....I'll let you know what happens.

Until next time.



Karen said...

Oh Shari, how awful! And how lucky that no one was in there.
Hope things will come out okay and that there isn't way too much damage to building and merchandise.

Shari said...

They are planning to re-open in the near future. The engineers are saying at least 30 bad for Christmas sales, but no one got hurt and that is the main thing. I'm confident that it will all work out,as it IS the season for miracles!!!!

Merry Christmas, Karen and thanks for always being there!