Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm ready for Christmas!

Christmas Eve and it's after'd better be ready cause the big day is tomorrow! All the hustle and bustle and it's over so quickly. I wish (so much) that it could last longer. Such a wonderful time for me; I love shopping, cooking, crafting, wrapping presents, even watching all the corny Christmas movies, old and new!

We spent the afternoon/evening at my parent's house with my family. We had a huge meal with fried turkey, baked ham and all the fixens! My Mom made two of her famous chocolate cream cakes! So yummy!!!! I don't think I'll eat again for days.

It was so nice this year. It's always a little hectic there when we all show up at once ( 25 or so), but today, we kinda showed up in shifts. My brother didn't make it at all...he was still working in Florida and decided to wait and come home for New Years instead. We missed him, but we're going to try and get together for a meal or at least a visit on January 1st.

One of my favorite gifts today were little ornaments made by my great-nieces. Shyann (2) and Skyler (5) put their (snowman) fingerprints on shatterproof balls along with a little poem explaining about them. Just too precious!!

The poem reads:

These aren't just five snowmen,

As anyone can see.

I made them with my hand

Which is a part of me.

Now each year when you trim the tree

You'll look back and recall

Christmas of 2008

When my hand was just this small!
Tomorrow, I'll make a big breakfast and we'll have a leisure morning. Then we're off to Graham to have lunch with Bill's Mom and brothers. Not nearly as chaotic as my family, but still really nice. Later in the afternoon, we'll spend time with the Grandkids. A busy day, but it's over way too soon.

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009!
Until next time.....


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Karen said...

Evening Shari, so glad your day went well and that you are going to have another wonderful day tomorrow.