Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rainy Saturday and Sunday Special....

After spending almost all of yesterday at home, I am ready to get out of the house today. It has rained and rained and rained here. There's a few errands I need to do, including getting some wood and muslin for a few projects. I think we'll do that after breakfast. We are STILL going out every weekend, it's like "our date". Sometimes, I do get tired of it, but we have a great little diner we go to all the time.
My foot is still in the cast after 14 weeks!!!!GRRRRR! I'm supposed to be out of it by Wednesday, but I don't think that's happenening. I have been walking for short periods without my "BOOT", but I am no where ready to walk out in public without it. I am beginning to feel like a's been way too long. My independence has disappeared and I've become way too dependent on hubby for things I never thought I would. I must say tho, he has been a huge help to me and he never complains! But, we are both anxious for me to get back to normal.
Is everyone all decorated for FALL? I personally haven't done anything....I might do the porch this week. It's so much work for me to pack up things, just to decorate. I find that year after year I do less and less. It was so much fun when the kids were little and we really celebrated the Seasons, but it's just not the same anymore. Anyone else feel like this? Am I getting old?
Well, I have rambled on more than I planned to, but wanted to share the special at my web site.

It's this cute little pillow with the crow. This would be cute done up in Fall colors too! It's only $7.00. Grab it while you can. Special changes whenever I take the notion to do it. LOL!! Pop on over to my web site and take a peek. You can find the pillow here:
If you're not interested in this, there's lots more to check out.
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Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Will be thinking about you on Wed.
Hope everything goes well.
I put out a few fall things outside but haven't done anything in the house yet. Maybe this week.
Wonderful creation!!!
Prim Blessings