Saturday, April 20, 2013


Good Morning!
What a busy week we have had. Today, we are going to a birthday party for our Grandson who was 9 on April 15th.
One of my favorites when he was just walking.....he loved hats! Such a beautiful little boy!!
and today!
He is so grown up!I feel so old!! He's so handsome!
Lots of April birthdays around here. A friend of mine has a birthday on the 3rd, our anniversary was the 10th, another friend on the 11th, Alex on the 15th, my mother-in-law the 23rd, my birthday is the 27th and I'm sure there is someone that I left out.
Thankfully it's a beautiful day today! We had some pretty ugly storms yesterday.
This is the "DEAL" for today!
Folks are loving these banners! And I do custom ones too!
Find it here:
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Dirty Martini Queen said...

He's a handsome little man! Enjoy the party