Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunny Sunday Afternoon....

Good Afternoon Folks!
As usual, I am running a little late today. I think weekends are (almost) harder for me to post than during the week....I seem to be a bit lazy Sat. and Sunday and more on a schedule Mon-Fri.
We had a wonderful time yesterday. It was good to get away from the house and visit with family and friends. Amity and David have been working on their house again and it looks great. They have a new screened in porch and huge deck. I am jealous of the porch. It would be a great place to relax. Wish I would've remembered my camera....
 I am going to get back to having family over for Sunday dinner once a month, as I can get my act together. Both girls and their hubby's have enjoyed it in the past and I think it's time I started doing the tradition that my Mom used to do almost every Sunday. I wish I knew how she always accomplished soooo much. I don't have enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to...
This weekend, my sister and I are trying to figure out a few new paint techniques. I think I have figured out one style between my thoughts and my daughter, Cait's. I just want to do something different for me, not necessarily for everyone. I have been doing the painting, sanding and antiqueing for so long that I can do it in my sleep,(almost). There's a few really prim folks that can do new pieces to look like they're 100 years old. That's what I'm looking for!
I share in a day or two what I've come up with. In the meanwhile, this is today's "DEAL"...

Find it here:
Thanks so much for stopping by today. I'll be back soon.

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