Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cool Sunday morning....

Good Morning Folks!
I do believe Winter has returned to NC! It is freezing here this morning. We kinda got spoiled with the nice, sunny, warm days and now it's cloudy, cold and trying to rain. Forget about capris and flip flops for a few days....
Well, I have to say that I have gotten pretty good reviews from folks regarding my web site changes. They seem to like the new goodies and the ease of seeing everything in one category. I got two orders yesterday and sold some re-purposed items. Yay! I'm hoping to replace the sold items with new items, so there will always be something new to see.
This is some of the new items:
The bottles are old and re-purposed. I made the "counter shelf" as I call it. It's perfect to hold jars or even books! Just a neat piece with the new aged finished that I'm doing.

I posted this today:
Crazy Quilt Heart..perfect to hang on a peg or nail board. Folks love hearts any time of the year!
I wanted y'all to see how our little garden is doing. We have radishes, carrots and lettuce. The radishes have gone crazy! We  have tons! The lettuce is great too! Great on sandwiches and hamburgers! I've even mixed in a bit with our tossed salads. The carrots, we're not sure about...never known anyone that grew any around here.
In closing.....The other night when I was working on my web site, I decided to check out my links page...I am absolutely amazed at all the web site links that don't work anymore. Have all these folks gone out of business? It's so sad to me. I love my web site and work hard to keep it going...any thoughts?
Thanks for stopping by today and stop by my web site if you get a chance.

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