Saturday, May 4, 2013

New thoughts, new ideas....

Good morning!
After almost nine years of, we have decided that we need to make some major changes. We are offering a new line called the "Olde Prim Collection". I have done away with all the confusing categories and will be posting all my items to the one. There will be only 20-30 items (total) at any given time, so it will be quick to scroll through to see what's new. We're still offering Handmades, but now we'll have "Re-purposed", "One-of-a-kind" items and "Gatherings" as well. All with the older look and feel. We're hoping folks will be stopping by often to see what's new and different.
Here's a peek:

Stop by if you get a chance! It'll only take a minute!
Hugs, Shari


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Sheila said...

Sometimes a change is really good for the "creative" soul! Good luck.