Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saturday Day Trip....

Last Saturday, before we went to vote, Bill and I went on a day trip to a nearby town, Pilot Mountain. This was the view along the way. It was absolutely beautiful. There were still lots of Fall colors to see. Not all the leaves have fallen, yet...

This is a fabulous store that I found while I was there. Sherrie, the owner has done a wonderful job of finding great prims. The store is full of old and new treasures...and I didn't have any trouble finding a few things to bring home with me.

This is the front window that was perfectly decorated! I would love to duplicate the look for my own front window! LOL !!

My hodge podge purchases! A black basket to put almost anywhere, prim greenery, an iron flat skillet, a fabulous tea dyed mini quilt, a set of iron spoons and Mercantile Gatherings magazine plus a few other things. This is only a sampling of what's available. If you are ever in Pilot Mountain, look up Pilot Mountain Peddlers. It's well worth the stop. I'm going back REAL soon!!

Until next time.



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Karen said...

Aren't road trips fun? We go on them often and never tire of them.
Your picture is really gorgeous....just look at that mountain!
You got some nice buys!