Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday already...........

it's Friday and another COLD, drippy day in K-ville. What happened to the Spring-like days earlier this week?  I have lots of projects to do in the garage and it's too stinking cold to even go out there.....
and to make matters worse....I have had some type of computer problems this whole week!! Several times this week,  I've tried to post and it just warning, no nothin"!! So annoying!! I'm used to sitting down and everything working like a charm. Hubby has been so wonderful to make everything as easy as possible for me and it really ticks me off if it doesn't. It's like it has been possessed for several days. It has  had a mind of it's own this week. On Wednesday, it was soooooo bad that it wouldn't partiscipate at all. Finally, after much fussin' and a few choice words, hubby worked on it for me. He decided that we needed more memory, so off to Winston we went. After spending $100.00 (yes, one hundred dollars) on two little thingys, about the size of bacon strips, we were headed home. It took him about 30 seconds to install it and it worked really well. But, for some reason yesterday and several times just reboots on its own. I can be in the middle of something and it just shuts down and restarts. He's gonna check out a few other things when I finished for the day.
I'm about to think that it just dis-likes Blogs and such..... what do y'all think??


Rondell over at Tomato Creek Prims ( )
  bought little homespun hearts from me last week and has posted them in her blog header. They look so perfect in her display. Thanks for sharing , Rondell!


Amity sent me these pictures of the Grandkids yesterday. They are growing faster than weeds! Can't believe how grown-up they both look.

These were school pictures, but actually really good shots. Alex is in kindergarten and Miss Elle is in pre-school.


I'll close with a couple of things that I put on my web site today....

Love, love, love how these turned out! You can choose your favorite fabric and color!
Only $1.99 EACH!!
You can find them here:

and this

Pillow set...only $12.99 for the set
You can find it here:


For those of you that found the special of the week... (the little table bench) SOLD OUT,
IT"S BACK!! I corrected the error and it is once again available for purchase! I didn't expect the response that I received on this one! Yipee!!

You can find it here:

Well, I have a few things left on my list for today, so I'm gonna run for now. Thanks to all of you for stopping by and entering my giveaway! And for all the comments!


Brenda said...

Hi Shari! You should have known that the little table bench would sell's awesome!! Thanks for stopping over at my blog and commenting. Gordman's is a store that is nationwide I believe, or I thought anyway. It used to be the 1/2 Price Store. Lots of clothes, home items and such. It seems like they have just started recently with the prim stuff.
Have a great weekend!

Angie Berry said...

Computer problems = yuck! Sorry you are dealing with that. Hope you get up and going quick. That is never any fun.

You have adorable grandkids!

Love everything you have been making. The flowers are very neat and I like how you are offering whatever fabric and color. That's very nice!

I'm heading back to my blog to put your giveaway on the sidebar.

Have a delightful day~

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I do love the hearts Shari:) Such a prim way to decorate!

Sweet grandchildren and yes they grow up to darn fast!

Congrats on the table bench sells too!


Martha said...

Sweet Grandchildren, aren't they the best!
Love the little bench, I have a small one almost like that and do not remember where I found it, an antique shop or a yardsale, years ago.
Wishing you a great weekend,