Sunday, January 3, 2010

OOAK Goodies To Share.......

Brrrr! I saw that someone else started out their blog this way and thought it very is so bitterly cold here. Temperatures haven't been this low in a long time. It's about 27 degrees here right now, but this morning it was 17 or 18 when I looked at the thermometer. Way too cold for me. And it's supposed to be that way for all this week!!! Have I mentioned that I hate cold weather??? I will be staying in all week, drinking hot drinks and crafting, crafting, crafting. So happy that I have lots to do this week and hubby goes back to work. Yey!


I have been planning to post some things that my best friend, Lain (she's also my sister!) has made, but she ended up selling most of the goodies before I could share them with you all! She is just starting out selling on-line and I offered to show some of her wares. I am going to help her soon with a blog of her own and maybe an Etsy or  Picture Trail site.
But, in meantime, here's  a couple of her handmades.....
Just in time for Valentine's Day, but can be for everyday too!

Muslin heart painted burgandy and scrubbed...old doily pocket has been aged and filled with Sweet Annie. Wire hanger, jute tie and rusty pin are finishing touches.
It's about 10 inches in size.
$9.99 plus shipping

Perfect piece for EASTER and Spring!
Primitive  bag made from a vintage quilt and filled with green moss and three grungy carrots. Fabric crow, jute tie and tag are final touches.
About 13 x 11 inches in size.
$14.99 plus shipping

Primitive Black Prairie Doll is dressed in a blue calico dress with bloomers, a jute tie and tag.
About 19.5 inches tall.
$15.99 plus shipping

Did I mention that these are all ONE OF A KIND?? And can be shipped Priority Mail for $4.95 ea. Buy them all and save on shipping.....

If you're interested, need more info or pictures, email her at:
or me at:

(First come, first served)


I am trying to re-do a few things since taking down my decorations. What do y'all think about using this wonderful old, old ironing board as a sofa table??? I don't know exacly what to put on it, but I found this big, ole bowl in Cait's room the other day. I had totally forgotten about it and would really like to use it somewhere......


A couple more things, and I'm off to eat some yummy homemade, vegetable beef soup....

Don't forget for every comment ( doesn't have to be just on Jan 1st. post), you get another entry for my giveaway!
And the sale at my web site continues through the 5th of January!!

Try to stay warm!!!
Hugs and Blessings,


Jennifer said...

I love the ironing board as a sofa table! I think an old iron would look neat on it, or some picture frames.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love the ironing board behind the couch... what about a lamp too?
You sister seems as talented as you are:)

Bittersweet Primitives said...

Shari, your sister is doing a fine job on her handmades. The heart is my favorite. I love the ironing board as a sofa table; it looks like the perfect size. Sherie

Debbie said...

Your sister is so talented too! I love the prim bag with carrots and the crow.

Best of luck for both of you in the New Year!

Jo-Anne said...

You should move to AZ. We moved her about 3 years ago from Utah and don't think I will ever be able to do winter again. It gets down to 60* in the morning here. Much more pleasant than the freezing temps.
I love your ironing board. And, your sister is a very talented gal!
Take care-

Brenda said...

Hi Shari, I love how you have used that old ironing board! I love the stuff that your sister makes also! You are both very talented!!

denise said...

it's perfect as a sofa table.the wooden bowl is just the right touch. i have a wooden bowl with potpourri and candle on's cold in florida today,too. all wekk so i here. i love it.