Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend is almost over........

Good Evening All!
I'm hoping that everyone has had a great weekend! It's such a busy time of year with football games, Fall festivals and Fairs that sometimes we forget to enjoy our 2 days off... It was pretty nice here today, although it was a bit chilly and it actually felt very "FALLISH".  It was kind of nice to wear jeans and a jacket when we went out.
I have a picture that I would like to share from my youngest daughters' wedding back in Aug. This is part of my family including my parents on the left, my neices on the right. My older daughter, her husband and my grandchildren, the bride and and my hubby. It was such a beautiful wedding...even with the thunderstorms that arrived immediately after the ceremony.
Cait chose Purple and Lime Green for the colors. Quite a striking color scheme.
I have just one more thing....
I finally got around to changing the special at my web site. This is one of my personal favorites!
Large Size Table Riser
(accessories shown are not included)
Perfect for a dining room table or counter.......
Find it here:
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Karen said...

Morning Shari,
What a gorgeous family you have!!! Congratulations on the wedding...looked like lots of sun (until the rain came).
Always busy making new things aren't you.
I remember when I first started my business I bought from you - that goes back aways doens't it!!! Actually I won some tarts and then I bought some more from you.