Sunday, February 7, 2010

Special for the week...........

It was much nicer in NC today...sunny and slightly warmer than it has been. We had a little bit of nasty weather on Friday, but it has since cleared up here. I feel so bad for all you folks that have gotten inches and inches of snow!! Personally, I am looking forward to Spring!!! This is the worst Winter we've had in a long time. And we may get more (?) on Tuesday.

GRRRRRRR!!! My computer is STILL acting up!!! Hubby has looked at it a few times and can't seem to find the problem...wanted to get on here real quick for a couple of things.

First of all,

This is the special for the week:

Grungy Star is only $4.50 and it is such a nice size...14 inches tall!
You can find it here:

And second, we have a new blooger amongst us! Her name is Tanya Grimm and her blog is:
Check out her blog if you get a chance.
And lastly, a huge thank you to all that have signed my guestbook,  signed up as followers, left comments and sent emails to enter my monthly giveaway!  

Gonna run for now. Be back soon....

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