Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunny Saturday.....

I woke up before the worms this morning!! But, now the sun is shining and we're so supposed to have a nice couple of days!! I'm sitting here now listening to the news and they're talking about how it has been SIX weeks since we have had a nice,dry weekend!! They are predicting mid to upper 50's this afternoon!! YIPEE!! Hopefully, I can get out in the garage workshop and work on a few projects!

This morning as I was trying to find something to do (LOL! I have plenty to do, just wasn't really in the mood at 5 am), I was poking around my web site and decided to take a peek at my link exchanges....I haven't paid much attention to them, as of late. Wow! What a shocker!! There are TONS of web sites that I swapped banners with that are no longer in business. I find that to be SO SAD! I worked for a pretty good while and still have lots to remove that are no longer there. If you have a links page, you might want to do the same.
I snapped this the other day as I was making dinner! I had two little helpers! They have grown so much!!
They have pretty much claimed my old hutch as theirs!


When I went to my mailbox on Wednesday...I had a fabulous surprise! Natalie and Kenn from

had sent me these wonderful prim ditty bags!

Two have already found their homes and I'm sure the others will find their place soon.

I love them! Thank you so much!! Please check them out, if you get a chance! They are excellent quality!!


As I was cleaning out some more patterns and things this week...I ran across several that I have decided to part with...prices are marked....

Candle Book is SOLD
Cats, Bunnies and more
Penny Rugs Style

lots of painting...

If you're interested email me:

Just a reminder to all the mailing lists folks....I have extended the offers until Monday! My computer and email were down for almost a whol day and wanted everyone to have the chance to purchase!
If you're not on my web site mailing list, you can sign up here:

or on the front page of my site:

scroll down a ways and there it is...

Well, I'm off to finish up a checkerboard. See ya soon!



PrimWyoGirl said...

What great little ditty bags! So prim! Love your kitties!

Tanya said...


I just wanted to thank you for mentioning my name/blog on your site awhile back. That is so sweet of you! Sorry I just now noticed.

I've added you to my blog list as well. Thanks again!

Your kitties are so cute!

Tanya ~

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

They sure have grown, how cute they are!

Love the ditty bags, they look great where you placed them:)