Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day.....

As I sit here on this cold, February day, I am remembering Valentine days over the years. In the beginning, when it was just me and Bill... then later when Amity came along. And then many years later when Cait arrived. I'm trying to remember just how many Valentine Day's we have shared. I'm thinking this is our 34th one together! All the parties, cards, and  dinners are still just as special as the first.
It would be interesting to know how many cards and special Valentine treats I have made over the years. When the girls were in school, it was one of my favorite times to be a part of the Valentine celebration! The little ones were always so cute with their cards and claims of true LOVE.
And now, one of my fondest memories is one of our first together as a married couple....we hardly had money to pay the rent, but on Valentine's Day, here comes Bill with a dozen red roses! At that particular time, you couldn't get roses for less than $50.00 or so. And way back then...$50.00 was a huge amount of money! Needless to say, I was happy and sad at the same time! But then, last year was a special one too! Hubby got me special heart earrings from Kay match the necklace he had gotten me earlier.
But today, after all the holiday celebrations, just being together seems to be enough! I treasure our times with each other. Today, we shared our special breakfast, (as we do most weekends) we have already planned our Valentine dinner of steak, shrimp and fixins. And the best part, Bill is doing most of the cooking!
After trying most of today to make a post, I am sad to report that I am still having a few problems with my computer. Bill has worked on it numerous times and can't pin point the problem. He has found a few things, but nothing major that would cause the problems that I have been having. It takes me forever to do anything. But I keep plugging along.
I have decided to list a few things on Ebay...mainly household items that I have run across while cleaning out my attic, but also a few prim things will be listed as well. Personally, I think it's kinda fun. This is the first of many items that will be going up for auction.

Bidding starts at 99 cents! A great chance to get a web site favorite at a bargain price! Hurry, auction closes soon!

Well, I'm off to update my web site.
Be back soon with pics of what I've been working on...


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

It is fun to look back at Valetine's Day in the past. I too loved all the fun with the kiddo's and when mine were grown, I got to continue with the kiddo's at school. Soon Lili will be making cookies and cards with me.

Enjoy your dinner!!

Kim said...

What great Valentines memories.
Ed has always been great about making it special for me, and we have always done special things for/with the children. Not a holiday we spend a lot of money or time on, but we do love one another a little extra. :-)
Enjoy your special dinner and stay warm.

Prim Blessings,

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

What a nice now I can say...Hope it was wonderful!

Our Valentine's Days have changed over the years from just us, to the kids, then back to just us - I think I like them the way they are now....Nice, Sweet and expectations after 46 years but we KNOW! I like that - it's comfortable.

Sandra said...

Hi Shari,
Great to get your newsletter and to hear how you and your loved ones are doing. And yes ma'am - we're also having one heck of a snowy winter up here in rural northern Minnesota. Schools etc/ don't close here though, unless we're having a blizzard and you can't see a foot in front of your face, and we've had a bunch of those this winter. Unbelievable amounts of snow here....sigh...which all has to be shoveled! Come on Spring!
Please count me in for your exciting giveaway!
Best Wishes,

Angie Berry said...

Sounds like a most special time. As long as I get to spend time with my husband, that's all that matters to me too.

Sandra said...

Hi again Shari,
I'm making sure that I get another comment in for your free giveaway - I've never won anything in my life and have decided it's time to change that. :)
Hope you had a great day today. We - got- more -snow - ARGH!
Take care & best wishes.