Sunday, February 21, 2010

Web Site Special..............

Another beautiful day for us in rain or snow. We actually cooked out on the grill today. Hubby made sirloin kabobs with peppers and onions, one of my favorites. It has been ages since it has been nice enough to be outside cooking.
Hubby was busy today, mainly doing stuff for me....he also worked on my computer almost all day. It has been sick for weeks.  Hopefully, the problem is now resolved. It is no FUN when you can't do what you need to and have to worry about it dying in the middle of something. It seems to be working great this evening! Keeping my fingers crossed!
I worked on a new checkerboard and got it on my web site and piddled around with a few things for orders and some things for Spring. My heart just wasn't in it today, so I made my list for tomorrow and will play catch-up then.
This week's web site special is this wonderful little Prairie Dress!!

Only $7.99 for a limited time!
You can find it here:


This is the checkerboard I made today:

You can find it here:

Hope you guys had a great weekend...
Be back soon.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the prairie dress and gameboard both are adorable:)

Alison said...

Shari, I ordered one of your table benches a few weeks ago and I love it!! Please enter me into your monthly giveaway- I could go CRAZY shopping!

nancy huggins said...

I made a Prairie dress and primmed it but it doesn't look near as nice as yours..Love the checkerboard too and I have one like it and had neat little wooden puppies chewed them so I ordered new ones from a friend.
Hope this is where I go to be in the drawing :)