Sunday, April 25, 2010

Early Sunday Evening.......

How's everyone this evening? We have been kinda looking out for bad weather again today, but so far just some clouds and a little windy. And that's just fine with me. We had some pretty hard rain early this morning and I think it woke up everyone in the house....
Sorry I haven't been posting as much....I'm finding it harder and harder to get here on a regular basis anymore. Do y'all think it's just the time of year??  I try to catch up on everyone when I can, but lately I have been really busy and I still haven't gotten used to the new monitor.
I had a little accident early in the week....okay, it was actually a really stupid move on my part. I was walking down my hallway and tripped over Mr. Jake. I chipped one tooth and cracked another in three places. I spent the better part of two days at the drs trying to figure out what to do. While I was there, realized this whole thing with being anemic has affected my teeth as well. What a Bummer!! I have to go to a specialist and have a root canal and a crown. Hopefully, the chipped one can be filled.  I am going to talk to another Dr. tomorrow and see what he says. Keep your fingers crossed that it's not as bad as my dentist thinks.
I have finally added a few new things to my web site and to Etsy. April has been a surprisedly busy month for me. I am actually a little behind on shipping orders. If you have something ordered, I should be shipping the last of the late ones on Monday and Tuesday. Usually it's pretty slow this time of year and I can do things around my house for me, but not this year. ( This is a Blessing) I actually have bought paint to do a couple of rooms, but haven't had time. But that's ok....

These are the specials of the week over at my web site:

Homespun Prairie Dress
Only $7.49 each
You can find it here:

and the second item is:

Round Cutting Board
Only $4.99
You can find it here:

I'll try to get back tomorrow with more pics of what I've been working on. In the meanwhile, take a look at these  boys!

Jackson in my big bowl! He almost fills it up....

Jake posing in front of the window.....

Jackson got caught resting in the wing back..........he sits like this all the time

Jake on the back of the sofa....

They are getting so big now, hardly kittens anymore! We just love them so much and I think they feel the same! If you ever get the opportunity, check out your local animal shelter!
Be back soon!



Brenda said...

Hi Shari...hope everything comes out ok on your teeth! What a mess huh?? Take care!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Good luck with your teeth. It's no fun hearing you'll need a root canal and a crown. I have a small fortune in my mouth with root canals, crowns and implants - despite impeccable hygiene. I - but my teeth are important to me so I want to save them the best I can. It sure is expensive though! I hope your second opinion is more pleasing to the ears and pocket book!

Kady said...

So sorry about your accident. My cats seem to enjoy lying where I need to walk too. I have weak enamel despite good dental habits. My dentist says he has it too and has more crowns than I have. That was aamazing to hear.

Hope things will be better soon. Love those kitty photos. You have some handsome guys there.

Craftyperson said...

Hi Shari...Sorry to hear about your accident...I hate going to the dentist to..its just something you have to do...
Your little kittens are growing up so fast...
Prim hugs,

Carol said...

So sorry about your teeth. I have one that needs put back on and I hate going to the dentist, but I really don't like the toothless look either. LOL Good luck sweety with your teeth.
Oh Shari, I do check out our local animal shelter along with getting drop off kitties from time to time. Your fur babies are beautiful! May I ask what do you feed them? Their coats are gorgeous. I love cats! Hop on over to my blog, I've got pics on my right sidebar:)

Angie Berry said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your tooth! I hope you have it all figured out by now. That must be painful too.

I'm a dog person, but those cats are very pretty!