Saturday, June 26, 2010

busy Saturday...

Whew!! Another super hot day here! I guess it must be hot everywhere....we took a little trip up to Fancy Gap and it was the same there. Maybe not quite as humid....I finally got all Betty's Goodies to her at the Fancy Gap store. If you are anywhere close by, be sure and stop in to see Betty and Dan!! You know I haven't been there in several months and I couldn't believe all the treasures in that store! There is absolutely something for everyone! Old and Young alike!! I can't wait to take my sister up there when she comes to visit next time. I wish I would have taken my camera, so I could share with you all. Next time, for sure!!
Check out their web site :

We made a few stops on the way home to get a few things. There's a wonderful market on the VA-NC line that sells the most wonderful flowers, old-time candies, local honey, pickles, preserves and of course in season fruits and veggies. We also had to make a pit-stop at JoAnn fabrics in Winston-Salem along with a quick stop at Michael's for a few supplies. As we got closer to home, Lowes Hardware was the next stop. While he is on vacation (yet again) Hubby wants to build the kitty's a scratching post. The one they have is a little too short. Jack is so pitiful, he has to lay on his belly to scratch. Bill thought it would be nice to make one about 36 inches tall or so. ( I'm thinking 42 inches, so they have room to grow). But, so far no luck in finding anything for the post. There was one fence post that was round, but it was 96 inches long!! They wouldn't cut it and I definately couldn't with my band saw, we couldn't even get that in my station wagon so............I guess we'll keep looking for something. He's off until July 6th, plenty of time (hopefully) to find something that will work.

I'm leaving the Gracie Doll a little longer as the Daily Special. I'll have something new for the Sunday special as well as the featured items. June is almost over and these daily specials will go back to weekly.........and don't forget there's still time to enter June's Web Site Giveaway!
Think I'll go relax for a few minutes and maybe do a stitchery or two. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!
Be back tomorrow!

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