Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Tuesday in June...........

Good morning, Folks! Hope you all having a good week so far. Yesterday, was hot and busy in K-ville. With the daily specials that I have bee running all month, I am very busy for this time of year! And I love it!! It's way too hot outside for me and staying in the house, sewing and painting is just fine with me.

Today, is going to be another busy for me. Lots and lots of sewing to be done. But first, hubby and I are going out to breakfast and by Lowes to pick up a few pieces of wood. It's almost too warm to work out in the garage workshop , but there are peg boards, signs and table servers to be made!!


We're getting down near the end of our daily specials and I know folks are gonna miss it!
This is today's special, brought back by customer requests.....

Small Sheep Pillow

Today Only $4.99!!
You can find it here:


Just a little tid-bit from my sister's blog.

She is still plugging along working on Ebay, her web site and blog. Check her blog later today for updates.

Remember,  tomorrow is the last day to enter my June Giveaway and will be the last of my daily specials!!

Hope to hear from y'all!

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