Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long time gone.........

Hi guys! It's hard to believe that it's been over a week since I posted. As I sometimes say, Life just happens! It's been a busy time for me with lots going on around the Freshwater's house.

Last week, after Bill went back to work, our air conditioner went out twice within three days! It was 102.5 degrees outside and my air just stops! Some of you can imagine how hot it gets and how fast it gets hot in the house. The funny part, (if there was one) is what happened to make the air conditioner die....after finding someone that could come out and take a look, the technician took less than 3 minutes to repair it and have it up and running again. It actually took him longer to take the screws out and remove the door. There were no breakers involved, no parts, no was a bug!! Yes, a bug! I thought he meant like a computer bug, but no it was an insect bug. It crawled in there and broke the connection and got fried. He removed the half that was still there and wha la! it was fixed. It immediately started cooling again. It took a while to cool down the house...afterall it was 87 degrees inside.
Well, two days later, the exact same thing happened again!!!  My house got up to 89 degrees this time. They explained that it happens all the time especially when it has been so hot and dry. I almost thought it was a joke! This time we weren't so lucky. We had to buy a $75.00 part to fix it. BUT, at least it has a cover on it to keep the bugs out! The technician assured me that this would do the trick. I am sincerely  thankful that it was nothing more than bugs, but it did cost $274.50 to be cool again! Oh to think how much fun it would've been to go on a shopping spree........

Here's a few things that I have been working on.......all these were made for orders already sold.


Still working on trying to post new Fall items, but am having trouble with that. Last week, some things sold almost as soon as I got them on my web site. Maybe I can try again in a day or two when I get learn more about the new operating system.

Would love to hear from y'all! Still making and selling lots of bonnets, aprons and peg racks.

This is one of the two Web Site specials for the week:

Long Tailed Grungy Muslin Bonnet
Only $12.00 ea.
You can find it here:

That's about it for now........

Going up to Pilot Mountain tomorrow to take some goodies. Stop by and say Hey if you're in the area.


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Sharlene said...

Know what you mean regarding the bugs, Here in Qld,Australia we have trouble with geekos getting into our aircons ,very frustrating and costly!!!!