Friday, July 2, 2010

Today's New Fall Item.......

Whew!! Finally got my web site to work!!! It had been up and down since last evening. I actually thought Hubby had done something, because as of today, we have a brand, stinking new server for our house computers. Bill has spent the better part of this WHOLE week building a server from scratch. He has loaded mine with Windows 7, instead of the Vista that I had just got used to.....we'll have to see how that's gonna work out for me.


This is the new Fall item for today! Love, love, love it!!

OOAK~Olde Sack made from Vintage Quilt designed and made by my sister, Elaine from

You can find it here:

There's only one, so grab it while you can!!!
(All her handmade goodies on her blog are for sale, unless marked unavailable or sold.)

Gotta run for now, got flowers and bonnets cooking! Be back later!!


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dee begg said...

Gotta love the hubby's who are computer geeky but they need to make changes for us old gals a little slower! Mine did something to my laptop awhile back and of course he did "nothing"! Well made him fix it back real quick. Good luck with Windows 7...I hate it! I didn't use Vista either as XP wasn't broke, so didn't need it fixed.

Oh, forgot to say, love the fall fabric pocket.