Thursday, April 9, 2009

I woke up this morning and wondered right away if it was going to be a productive day for me or not....Ya never really know about Thursdays, it could go either way. Right away after Bill left for work and I cleaned up the breakfast dishes (yes, I cooked breakfast! He's on medication and needs to eat before he takes it.) I immediately got to work on a couple of orders and realized that I was missing a stencil. So.....I went on a hunt for it! There's several different ones that I use for signs and such, but I try to keep them all on nails in my craft room. Finally, I find the one that I needed and I have a huge mess staring at me! It wasn't on my list for today, but I decided to organize ALL of my stencils. I hammered little nails behind the door and organized every single stencil.....Today's post is about the ones that I didn't want any longer. There's several here and some, but not all have been used. Some are old, some are new, some were bought at craft stores, some were ordered custom and some were purchased from ebay. All still have lots of good in them and I found out recently that 91% alcohol will clean them. I want to sell them all together and will take 16.00 (or best offer) for all. 14 stencils plus the Upper case alphabet (8 individual )and 2 sets of 5 seasonal, mini ones. Prefer Pay Pal and Shipping is extra. Email me if you're interested or have any questions:

That's about it for now.
Hugs and Blessings,

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Karen said...

Hi Shari, what a wonderful bunch of stencils - wish I was into it because the price is really good!
Hope you get to sell them.
I can understand the one thing leading to another - been a week like that here! lol
Hugs, Karen