Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NEw FoR ToDaY!

Hi Y'all!
Can y'all believe that it's already Wednesday ? Another week almost over.....but, I'm calling this good news Wednesday!!
First , Cait has found a part-time job! Yipee! It's not her dream job, but it IS something. And second, Bill's test results came in the mail today and everything is normal. His doctor was even pleased with the good news! What a relief! My prayers were answered....he is on some high powered antibiotics, but I think he's definately on the right track.
In other news today....We all went to the Marketplace today, but we didn't re-do the booth. It's not a 15 minute project and I think we're all short on time this week. There's so much to do and we need to look around for some display pieces. I'm personally not crazy about the "craft show" look and would love to make it more "homey looking". There's a few ideas floating around in my head.....we'll see.
We also marked down some items .....mostly Easter and Spring, but a few other things as well. If you're near by, check it out. We'd love for you to come by and see us. We had a drawing today for a free Spring pillow and we plan on other giveaways in the weeks to come.

This was new on my web site today. This little dough board is so cute. I have a couple scattered around my house and I love them.

Small size dough board.....

I've had several special orders lately and here are a few.....

I Love this set of table benches. These will be offered on my site soon.

Special order sign...

Rusty tin Gathering will be coming soon to my site. Basket Gatherings that will be on my site sometime tomorrow.....

Check out my site soon! As I am always adding new goodies! The featured item this week is:


That's about it for now!



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Lisa said...

Lots to offer and who wouldn't love it ALL. I know that I love it all : )

Hope you have a great day!!