Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DeCiSioNs, DeciSions, DECiSionS...

After several weeks of careful consideration~~~ Retha, Deb and I have decided to close our booth at the Antique Marketplace in Greensboro. This was really a tough decision for me and Deb. I have to admit that this really makes me sad. We had such a nice space and were beginning to get it filled like it needed to be. And the folks there are soooooooo nice! I will miss seeing Leonard and Rhonda on a regular basis.
Deb has decided to re-open her web site, Retha starts school in a few days and I'm planning to focus more of my energy on my site and my booth in Walnut Cove until something else comes along...........
I think that I will start getting some of my stuff out today, a little at a time. We will officially be out by the first of June.
I love doing the booth thing so much and will be looking for somewhere else close by that I can sell my wares. Anyone have any ideas???? One bright note tho, I have a lot of new goodies that I can take to Walnut Cove, so be on the lookout for them there.
I have orders to do so I'll be back later.


At Home With Amy said...

I'm sorry to hear your booth is closing in Greensboro. Maybe some great things will happen at your Walnut Cove booth that you didn't expect. I wish you luck and may you sell your wares like mad.
Good luck!

Karen said...

Hi Shari,
Sorry to hear you will be leaving something you love but alone sometimes we just can't swing it - it was nice when you could all do it together.
Good luck on your site and booth.
Hugs, karen