Thursday, May 28, 2009


This has been the screwiest week for me. When we have a Holiday on Monday, my whole week is topsy turvy! Hubby was home so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to. Tuesday, I played catch-up from Monday. And again yesterday, I worked on orders, packed them up and got to the post office before they closed. We had rain and storms, and then rain and then more rain to the point our electricity went out last night. Not sure exactly what happened, but know for sure it's always a lot of fun when the lights go out!! I'm always reminded of how much we are so dependent on electricity when ours goes out. I had to scramble to find emergency candles and a flashlight. You'd think that I would have a stash of both as I can't remember how many times it went out last Summer....almost everytime it stormed. Last evening, it went out around 10:00 and came back on in the wee hours of the morning. Can't tell you how many times I sat down at the computer or tried to switch on lights. Too Funny!!

We had rain off and on all day today. And they're calling for rain and storms for tomorrow. Our grass is growing like crazy and by the time Bill can get around to it, it'll be even worse. I should get out there and try to mow it myself, but.......I'm so far behind on orders and web site "stuff" that I will probably end up working some this weekend.

I went to a new Dr. today and we all know how much fun that can be. Personally, I think it's a waste of time. I had planned to take a month off from Drs., medicine and the whole bit, but noticed that I'm a little pale and my breathing isn't what it should be, so I picked up my NEW medication on Tuesday. The side effects are not too bad, although I got really nauseated this afternoon. It quickly passed, so I'm good to go.

I also went shopping for a couple of outfits for our up-coming trip in JULY. It normally takes me forever to find a dress, but I really lucked up today and found several things that will work nicely. I tried on tons of dresses at the Mall and 3 came home with me plus a formal look pant suit. I tried them all on for Bill and Cait and they couldn't decide which they like best. Bill says keep 2 of them........we'll see.

This makes my 205 post and 3 days left to enter my giveaways!

There's a pile of stitcheres over here calling out my name, so I should run for now.

Be back with pics soon.



OldeAnnie said...

Hi Shari...sure hope you dry up soon there! When power goes out here it amazes me how QUIET everything is. You don't realize the noise appliances make until there's no power to them. lol! Can't wait to see your stitcheries! ~~Annie

basketsnprims said...

Shari ~ we are getting soggy here from all the rain. Today is supposed to be nicer which means I'll probably have to cut the grass. Looking forward to seeing your stitcheries.

At Home With Amy said...

Happy Friday Shari. Finally we got some much needed rain last night. Our garden just perked right up.
Don't you just hate being without electric. I have a habit of checking the television to make sure it didn't come on without me knowing.
I'll pray that your medicine is what you need this time and that you have no side effects with it. I know how you feel when you just want to say the heck with all meds and try to take care of youself without them. Hang in there.
Have a blessed weekend,

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

No fun loosing power!! I hope things dry up and your Dh can mow. Our lawn is the same this week with the rain we are having.
I hope you adjust to your new meds soon and no more side effects.

hugs, Linda

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Stush mowed grass yesterday of course that put the trim on the back burner but it had to be done.

Glad you found some clothes that you loved!

Karen said...

Hi Shari - oh isn't it awful being without would we all have survived before
Here we are trying to replicate the primitive times and don't know how to function when somthing like this

Hope your new meds will work for you.

Can't wait to see pictures!


disa said...
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