Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WeDneSDaY ALreADY.....

Can y'all believe how fast time flies by???? It's already Wednesday and I still have sooooo much to finish this week. This really has been a crazy few days for me! It all started last Saturday. First of all, my sister came to visit ~~~~~ big, huge SURPRISE for me! She has never been to my house in the eight years that we have lived here. She lives several hours away and has had her own business until recently and it just wasn't ever convenient for her to come here. She was visiting my parents and they decided to bring her over~unannounced! We had a blast together along with my Mom and Dad. Went shopping at Down Home Country (here in K-ville), then to Walnut Cove, the Marketplace in Greensboro and by then we were starving. Had subs and salads at a little Italian place and then back to my house for a little while of conversation and just catching up.

On Sunday, Bill and I went to visit his Mom in Graham, NC. Not really too far, but it's still hard for us to get over there very often. She is around 80 years old and still works FULL TIME! so her time off time is limited. We cooked out on her grill for lunch and Amity brought Alex & Miss Elle. We REALLY had a nice time and the kids had fun too!
Amity, Alex and Miss Elle taken at Mee Maw's House...
On Monday, I worked on orders in the morning and in the afternoon, Deb and I went to the Antique Marketplace and worked on our booth. It's still not really like we want it, but at least we changed it around a little and took a few new goodies. It takes so much time when you start changing things around, by 4:00 or so, we were pooped!
Yesterday was spent mostly working on orders and getting things ready to take to Walnut Cove, which leads up to what I did today. I have totally re-done my booth there. It's really hard to take pictures, but maybe you can get the jest of it. I'll be going there again, maybe on Friday. There's more that I want and need to do there.

Booth at Just Plain Country, Walnut Cove...

Lots & lots of goodies....mostly handmade

Another view............

Crate display is full of prims, lots of color-ordination going on....
Tomorrow, I have a Dr's appointment and then off to Fancy Gap to visit Crockett's new store! Can't wait to see it. The weather here has been so nasty the past few days, hopefully the sun will shine for us on Thursday. (I have to remember to take my camera.)

A few things left to do today, so I'm gonna run for now.

Be back soon.

Hugs and Blessings,



Retha said...

Darn it I want to go :(

angiesraggedypatch said...

It is hard to get good pics of a booth... Its hard to get everything in you want everyone to see lol!
I think you did a greta job and I love the crate display. I use them too and have them screwed into the wall. Those old crates are useful in shoppes and they look fabulous!

have a great time!

Karen said...

Sounds like fun!
I always use crates for displays.
What a beautiful picture of the children and Miss Ellie