Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beautiful Sunday with lots of Bargains.....

The weekend is almost over and I have accomplished so much. My craft room/studio is almost completely organized, plus I am sewing bonnets and pumpkins this afternoon. Such a nice feeling to sew where the floor is clear and shelves are dusted. Pretty soon, I'll be sharing pics of a newly painted room, at least I hope so. During all the cleaning, I have discovered several books, leaflets, fabrics and more that I know in my heart I will never use and have decided to part with. Here are a few things to start with:

Each one of these books are filled with tons of projects and detailed instructions.
2.75 Ea. plus shipping

Each one of these have some GREAT DOLLS!!! I actually have a duplicate of the Olde Friends one.
$2.00 ea. plus shipping

$1.75 plus shipping
This has been opened, but never cut. I was surprised to find how large all these are...

These are all on a first come basis...if you're interested, have any questions or would like more pictures, please email me:


Also, I have updated over at my web site. We're having two specials this week:

First, Colonial Style Caddle Paddle:

Only $2.94! Yep, less than $3.00 for this fabulous little candleholder!

You can find it here:

And the second item is:
Pantry Towel

Only $4.00 Ea.
You can find it here:

That's all for now....more bargains to come soon! Off to grunge pumpkins!!

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