Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday morning, giveaway winner and rambling....

Well, another week has flown by and I haven't accomplished (near) what I needed to....the beginning of the week was pretty much taken up with Dr's. appointments. I was supposed to start a new treatment for my blood problem, but by the time Wednesday rolled around, I had talked myself and my oncologist out of it. After attempting it on Monday and Tuesday, I thought it best not to try on Wednesday. Maybe, someone was trying to tell me something, huh??? So, after careful thought and consideration, we have decided to try a new medication and see what the numbers show in 30 days and then again in 60 days.


This has been an all day process for me trying to make this post....I keep getting interrupted and can't seem to find the time to sit back down. I wanted to finally announce the July Giveaway Winner!! It took a little time to hear back from the winner, because she was on vacation. I didn't want to just give it to someone else and now I am so glad that I didn't.....the Winner for July is:

LOUISE Y. from Akron, Ohio!
and Thanks to all that entered!

I have been so busy that I haven't thought of anything to do for August, so I think I will take a break for a month or two. It's so hard trying to keep up with all the entries and making sure that everyone gets their name in the HAT.... I have made promises that I am going to slow down the pace and this is the beginning.

Another way that I am trying to slow down is making everything that will fit and can be shipped in priority boxes from the post office. You can't imagine how much time is spent trying to find boxes to ship signs, shelves and odd shaped items in.  And the cost to do it!!! It's totally out of control...I have flat rate shipping charges and it used to work out. Nowadays, maybe  10% of the time, my flat rate covers the shipping. The fabric items work out most of the time, but 4 orders this week  cost me more than what was charged. I'm sure that everyone is running into the same problems as me, any ideas??


Well, Saturday has turned into Sunday and I'm still working on this post....before it gets any later and Sunday turns to Monday......this is the Special of the Week over at my web site.

the Gathering Room Pillow
Only $5.49 ea.
You can find it here:


Look for new goodies coming soon to my web site!

Thanks for stopping by and take care! I'll be back (sometime) soon!


Terri at Finder's Keeper's said...

Life sure has a way of slowing us down one way or another! I am glad you are taking care of you and everything else will fall into place.

dee begg said...


I too use priority boxes for shipping and sometimes run over the estimate. For my signs, as wood varies so much in it's weight, I try to use corrugated brown stick to itself wrap and foam wrap that I purchase at It adds very little to the weight of the package usually less than 2 ounces and when you are on the bubble to push you over to the next pound, it is a life saver. It does costs to use it but I save that in the overage in shipping costs. Hope this helps.

Have a great Sunday and be sure to slow down and take time to smell the is too short.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Shari..I hear you on the shipping part..I save boxes..and you should see my stash...but I also turn the priority boxes inside out if I want to go parcel post..cause sometimes its the right size box..but I don't want to pay the "priority" price..just make sure the box is taped up before you take it to the post office..or they will not take it..I know from experience..;)I hope they get your meds tweeked for you feel top notch..;) have a wonderful sunday.:)