Friday, August 27, 2010


I made it! to Friday that is! It has been quite a week for me....I spent alot of time with my parents this week. My Dad has been having some health issues and the most important thing was for me to be with them. Everything hopefully will be fine in a few more days, but my Dad is nearing 80 and my Mom is close behind.  Any time with them is time well spent. You never have regrets if you put your family first.

I have worked on some new goodies and orders this week and have finally gotten caught up from craft booths got some much needed TLC as well. Not a lot, but a bit. If all goes well, I want to re-do the booth in Pilot Mountain soon. I know Tammy is going to have some fabulous new pieces and a Fall Open House in September and I want my booth (with Terri) to look wonderful.

I have also worked on my web site a bit.....I'm having two front page specials:

 Prairie Bird is the first.
You can find it here:

And the second one.
Muslin Pillow with Star
You can find it here:

Check them out if you get a chance......

It has taken me almost all day to this and the first time I posted (or so I thought)  couldn't get any pictures to seems fine now.
I'll see you all soon!



Terri at Finder's Keeper's said...

I stopped by Crockett's Country Store and it was just as nice as you told me. What a huge selection of everything--WOW! Your goodies stood out as "treasures" in the midst of it all:)

angiesraggedypatch said...

Youre new items are wonderful!

Angie Berry said...

You are so very right! Time spent with family is time well spent. I agree 100% with you... you never have regrets if you put your family first. Build those relationships!

Joe's blog said...

The bird is wonderful. Great idea.
I have a new painting done!