Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Evening

This was supposed to post on Monday, but I got busy and started watching CSI Miami and never got back to the computer. So................

For the beginning of Fall, it was a beautiful day in K-ville today! Though, I spent most of it working on orders inside and doing some more cleaning. This whole cleaning jag started the other day when I was looking for my Mom's recipe for chicken n'dumplings. I couldn't find it any where and decided it was time to do something drastic!! So, every day since Friday, I have been cleaning a little at a time. It's not nearly as overwhelming as tackling it all at once. (Little goals add up fast, working every day from a list) I'm very pleased with what I have accomplished so far.

I never found my recipe, but finally called my Mom and got it. We're having dumplings tonight. LOL!! They smell wonderful!
Actually, the dumplings tasted better than they smelled! We thoroughly enjoyed them. And there's enough left over for another meal.

Lots left to do, so until next time.

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