Thursday, May 13, 2010

Craft Supply Question????????

Happy Thursday !

I have been planning to ask this and can't ever seem to remember when I am I thought of it just now.

For those of you gals that can't get the Green Box of Fiberfill (stuffing) any more from Walmart, what are using now??? I have tried all that Walmart has now in the bags, but it's not EVEN close to what I'm used to. I don't mind stuffing pillows with the soft fluffy "stuff", but I don't care for it in dolls, stars, hearts and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I have Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn's, AC Moore and Hancock's that I can check out. Just thought someone out there could save me some time. I know there must be others out there looking for a replacement.

Be back soon!


Anonymous said...

I went to outside of the box thinking on this one, dollar store, purchased a 2 pack of bed pillows for $5.00, not the slick stuff either, it has some little fibers in it too, it stays where you want it. Then you even have some fabric to use, I made a doll out of the pillow fabric it turned out great! They also have some that are ticking striped, watch for great sales on pillows. With that said I also will buy bed or accent pillows at Goodwill, yard sales, and thrift shops. Some of the best stuffing I have found has been in some accent pillows. Good luck.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I use soft and crafty in the is a 5lb. box and you can us a coupon it is cheaper this way..I think you can get it at walmart as well..not sure though..been using this stuff for years.;)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I get mine at joanns..:)

Janice Hough said...

Shari, The Crafty Crow knows! This is what all of us crafters use now. You can also use the $3.00 pillows at wal Mart. The stuffing is just like the morningglory brand stuffing. Janice

Shari said...

I want you guys to know that I have been to Walmart and bought a $3.00 bed pillow. It works great!!! So excited to find this out!! I'll be on the look out for more.

Thanks so much!

Sheila said...

Not sure if you already checked but a friend who works for Walmart told me to go on line and see if they have items that we want that are no longer carried in our local store. You might try that if you haven't already. I don't use large quantities like you gals who make dolls and all but I did the same thing with a pillow for some of my littler crafts and it worked fine.
Good luck Shari!

denise said...

i get mine at joann's