Saturday, May 15, 2010

more bargains...

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a "GRAB BAG" of fabric plus other goodies, from a friend that has closed her web site. As I am trying to find storage space for my purchases, I realize that I will probably never use some of the stuff. I could put it on my web site or Etsy, but would rather offer it here. There will be several items added over the weekend and if you're interested, just email me :
Be sure and send zip code and I will figure shipping for you.

Dark Blue Patchwork Homespun
1 yard plus
$3.00 plus shipping

Burgandy/red Patchwork Homespun
4 yards
$11.00 plus shipping

Debbie Mum Fabric  (3 separate panels with 6 individual panels)
plus 2 pieces matching fabric (about 1 yard each)
$5.00 for all plus shipping

Rusty Springs for Make-dos
.45 cents each plus shipping
I have 10 of these total

Off to breakfast and to check out a neighborhood yard sale...
Be back later today.

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