Monday, May 24, 2010

not a Holiday Monday...............

It kinda seems like a holiday around here......I can't seem to stay on focused on anything long enough to get a days work done.  I have worked on orders all day, but haven't got much ready to ship. Today is one of those days when I keep making up excuses why I can't do this or that. Maybe it's the's been chilly, sunny, rainy and even windy here, not good for a Monday...........
I had several inquiries about the Gooseberry Patch Books that I mentioned in an earlier post. These are what I have left.

These are all softcover. (Sorry, Gina I made a mistake when I described them to you).

Price is $ 4.75 ea. plus shipping
If you're interested send me your zip and I'll figure shipping for you.
I made these last week and love how they turned out!!

I made these for a new customer! It was hard parting with the sunflowers. They are sooo cool in a vase or basket.
Here's a few things that I have re-done for myself.
This is before:

This is after:

This is after I decided what I was doing with it....

Another re-do:
Most of y'all know how much I love bread boards and cutting boards or any kind of board....
so I am always on the look-out for something new to do. This is what I came up with for a round pizza board.
I painted it a deep burgandy, added the lattice strips with black tacks and then antiqued it. Love it mixed in with all my other boards.

Another re-dothat I took to Pilot Mountain....

It was unfinished to start with...

Well, it's about time for dinner, so I'm gonna run for now......



Terri said...

The picture of the sunflowers doesn't come close to doing them justice. I have twelve of these beauties tucked into a large old basket and they are a bit of heaven right in my living room! It is hard to imagine anyone having the talent to make them! Thank you, Shari, for the time it must of taken on each one. I love them (in case you can't tell).

Tanya said...

Hey Shari,

Your makeovers look great! You have such cute ideas!

Great prices on those cookbooks! Wish I had some $$$ in my Paypal acct.!! LOL

Come on over to my very first Americana Give~Away when you get a chance.

I would like to be entered in yours this month too!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Love your make-overs ... you give me such great ideas! Thanks.