Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday morning..........

As I'm sitting here drinking coffee I am thinking about a new TV show that I watched last night. I find that I really don't watch tv much before 10:00, so most of my favorite shows are after that.This show was Miami Medical on CBS . I thought it was a show with a wonderful cast that I hardly recognize (anyone). They seem to work well together.
While I have TV on the brain...are any of you Grey's Anatomy watchers? I'm not a huge fan, but their season finale was a 2 hour event on Thursday. I must say that it was one of the best I've seen in a while. Can't wait to see how everything turns out in the new season.
I'm wondering if anyone has been to Mexico lately or to Riviera Maya at all???? We have a trip coming up in late July to the 5 star resort. I have to say I'm a little apprehensive about it. There is SOOOO much bad press about Mexico these days....any thoughts???? In all our years we have never been to an all-inclusive  resort of this magnitude. Would love to hear from someone that has been....
I'm sitting here watching Martha Stewart on Hallmark....she's comparing Olive Oils. Really pretty interesting facts. We just started using olive oil in the past couple of years. We have discovered that squash and zuchhini drizzled with olive oil and garlic pepper is FABULOUS cooked on the grill. I used to love fried squash, but this is so much tastier and healthier, I think. We will be cooking out on the grill a lot this coming week, as my hubby is on vacation, AGAIN! (It seems as if he off at least a week every month or so.)
I have been thinking about doing more items with the look of olde and early. Don't ya just love that phrase??? I find that I have been selling more and more of the Reproduction Colonial style
items, including the bonnets, scallop top peg boards, grungy towels to hang, simple bread boards and such. I am actually working on a big bowl rack for my sister today. I have had it started for awhile and just haven't gotten around to finishing it. Until now.....
I am basing hers on mine. I love the details with the scallop sides.

I have more pictures from last week, but this is one of my new favorites.
I finished this up the other day and got it on my web site.

I love the Simplicity of it. You could stick him in a crock or lean him against a tree or fence. I could put a wire on the back for hanging and use him almost anywhere.

I'll be back soon....


basketsnprims said...

I didn't catch the new show but I'm a huge fan of Gray's Anatomy & the finale was awesome. I love olde and early, bonnets, towels, drab colors, except I love early blues. Have a great weekend.

michelle said...

oh my goodness shari greys anatomy is a staple in my life lol.great show best ever.i think i cried the whole show my youngest was like your such a crybaby mom.i had to explain even though its just a show i feel as if i know these people and feel there pain.what a gripping my seat show.just love you watch private practice,its a spinoff of greys,another great the crow.have a great weekend as well.god bless michelle

Rocking Chair Stitches said...

Hi Shari - Awesome Greys wasn't it?? Anyway, just went to Cancun in October and really it was just fine. We stayed at a five-star all inclusive and it was awesome, you really didn't have to leave the resort but we did. Twice to go to the Luxury Mall where it was a bit frightening to see Security Guards holding large guns. When we went into "Cancun" the city it was a bit frightening and we were with someone who spoke Spanish and new the restaurants. But, all in all it was fine? Whereabouts are you going??

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

We love Greys anatomy and wow the ending show..will be interesting to see what happens the next season...if you like grilling veggies..grill asparagus..drizzle with some olive oil to coat and a little salt and pepper...oh my gosh you will never cook them any other way..grilled carrots and corn is wonderful too.:)