Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Road Trip....

Usually on Friday's, I try to post some of my favorite things. Well, maybe tomorrow.
Today, as the story goes, I am telling you about a road trip. What a day! I got the bright idea that I wanted to go to VA to take goodies to a craft booth that I have at Just Plain Country Store in Stuart. I mentioned this to my friend Retha and she wanted to go along. So, she gets up bright and early, and off we go at around 11:00 this morning. On several different occasions, I have made this trip with whoever happens to want to come along. But on this particular day, I guess I didn't remember how far it was. Retha thought it was an hour from my house. NOT!!! It really wasn't a bad trip, a really nice day, in fact. No rain or snow, thank goodness. But, one of the curviest roads that you could ever drive on. I always seem to forget that until I am on the way. I actually thought I might get car sick on the way home this afternoon and I was driving. LOL!!

We were gone for what seemed like most of the day. I was starving when we left the craft mall so we stopped to have lunch at a little Diner. I couldn't tell you the name, but it was pretty good. Very friendly folks working there with very basic surroundings and they still had up their Christmas decorations, but nice enough. We both had a barbeque sandwich and onion rings. The desserts looked great, but we didn't try any.

I was so tired when we got home that I couldn't keep my eyes open. So, I took a little cat nap before Bill came in from work. As I was resting my eyes, I realized all in all it was a fun day! Retha and I always manage to have a good time when we go out and today was no exception. If you're ever in the Stuart, VA area, it is worth your time to go Just Plain Country. It's full of Antiques, Collectibles, Primitives and some plain ole junk. I can always find something there that I have to bring home with me! And of course, I found a few things today.

I think the bucket thingy was used for Coal. It will probably be painted black and maybe filled with sticks or something. I'm planning to drill a hole in the bowl and hang it on my (kitchen) backsplash. The candleholder is pretty cool 'cause it can hang on the back of a chair or on a ledge ( like on the top of a cabinet).

That's all for now. But, I'll be back soon.




Karen said...

Hi Shari,
Aren't days like that fun! Just how long a drive was it anyway????

Great finds you have there. Love the candleholder.


basketsnprims said...

Love the goodies your brought home. I love that candle holder.

Kath said...

oh, I love your prim goodies ;)
that 'bucket thingy' is neat!

enjoy your weekend!

Linda said...

HI Shari,

Thanks so much for stopping by and all your kind words. I am so touched you like our home that much. After working on it for over 22 years, it means so much that others get to see it now and enjoy it. I would love to do a book but I don't think a publisher would front the money! LOL So i'll just keep on letting others see it throuhg my blog and Webshot albums!!

When you said you took a road trip to Stuart, VA was that near Stuarts Draft? My great Aunt lived there and we made the trip from MA there several times when I was growing up. And then when DH and I went to visit friends in Greensboro, NC we would go by signs on 81 for it. I love VA and NC!!

Your new finds are wonderful ! Hugs, Linda