Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stirring up Memories!!!!

As some of you know we got a little bit of snow here in K-ville on Monday night. This is right outside my front door.

What some of you don't know is how it affects us. Businesses and schools are closed or have delays in opening. On this particular winter day, it's 12:30 and it's theres not much evidence that it was ever here.

One day last week, I received the cutest and funniest email from a friend in upstate NY. The story starts out that the person loves the cold weather and the beautiful snowfall. By the end of the story, they hate EVERYTHING associated with the cold and snow, but especially the snow plow driver! They sell their house and car and move to Florida!

This reminds me of a time several years back when we moved from NC to Farmington Hills, MI. (We were so young and naive. ) We just kinda get teased with the snow around here. And back then we were excited about the differences that we were about to encounter. You know we seldom get enough snow here to really play in or build a snowman. We were the wide eyed children thinking this is so GREAT!!! We had a very eye opening experience the first few times it snowed there. We loved going out to the metro parks and sledding, or just playing in the snow. The roads were always cleared right away and school was hardly ever cancelled. It was beautiful and such a novelty to us.
Folks couldn't believe that we left the beautiful weather in NC to brave the famous Michigan Winters. But, we did and I loved the snow in the beginning. I'll never forget one day in early Winter, a city maintence truck came by and put these little red flags all over the fire hydrants in the neighborhood. I couldn't imagine what that for. Maybe they were going to do maintence or something. Not too many weeks later I found out. Much to my surprise....the flags were to find the fire hydrants!!!! There was sooooooooooooooo much snow. Not so much fun by this time. There is snow and snow and more snow. By the time the first day of Spring arrives, (months later) our apartment building parking lot has dirty snow piled 2 or 3 stories tall, and it really wasn't much FUN anymore. Believe me, by then I was almost ready to head back home to NC!!!

One good thing, this was the time and place where I learned to sew and craft! I guess all things happen for a reason.

I had my first (scroll) saw on the patio of that apartment. I used to cut wood on pretty days! (How funny to think of that now) I'm sure my neighbors loved me. LOL!

We lived in MI for a while longer and then moved on to Illinois and I really learned about craft shows, home parties and more!

Be back soon! Until then.....




angie said...

Dont you miss those build a fort days?
Too fun!

Shari said...

Sometimes I really do miss it. And I wish the grandbabies could see that kind of snow.