Saturday, March 21, 2009

a SpEciAL SaTuRDaY FiND!

I know it's been a while since I have been around, but it has been a kind of a screwy week for me.....the rain came and stayed and stayed and stayed, Bill has been feeling poorly, Cait still hasn't found a full time job, I have several orders to catch up on and I have just flat out had a pity party, I think????
I read on a blog the other day about how all this should be fun and not to feel pressured in to posting everyday so...I took it literally. Sometimes, I really don't have the time and sometimes I just get tired of the computer and have step away for a few days. I think that is what happened this week. So, finally yesterday, enough already and I took the day for ME. I went shopping, got a couple of new tops, got my hair trimmed and found a few things, including a stitchery and a cute little water pitcher. It helped tremendously!!! Got up today with a whole different attitude and had a very, very productive day. Bill and I went to Walnut Cove AND to the Market Place in Greensboro, (took room sprays plus a few other things) had a fabulous lunch together and EVEN did a little shopping together.............But, enough of that. This is what I want to share today!

I was sitting here this morning (working on my dreaded taxes) waiting on Bill to get home and just happened to remember about some Fabulous Eggs that his Grandmother Cynthie had given to us many years ago. She had colored these along with her sister Elsie, years and years ago.....(Bill remembers them coming out in the Spring since he was a little boy. They weren't allowed to touch them, because they are so fragile, but he remembers them all the same.) All different sizes and colors......some were blown out and some have a slight rattle inside. All of them are so neat and I can appreciate the work and detail that went into them. Some of the colors are so vivid, but then some have faded. It didn't really matter back then what the colors were...pinks, purples, yellow, orange, teal green and more. No color schemes to match, LOL!! They were done with wax and dipped in different dyes in different stages. A few have very faint initials (no dates, though) And some more intricate details.....
I'm hoping that my children and grandchildren will treasure these as much as I do....the glass bowl is from Grandma Cynthie as well. Perfect to display her beautiful eggs.........
Until next time.
Hugs and Blessings,


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Beautiful eggs wonderful that they have lasted so long.

One Prim Girl said...

The eggs are beautiful! Glad they lasted as long as they are, hope for many years they will last as well.