Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Freezin' (Birth) Day in K-ville

We woke up early to another super-duper cold day with temps in the single digits. On this particular day though, we had no HOT water in our master bath! We had it in the shower and the rest of the house, just not at our double sinks. In all of our years together, living in all the different houses, condos and apartments, never anything like this. But, after leaving the cabinet doors open and hoping for the best.....we left to go eat breakfast and do some errands. When we returned home after 1:00 or so, everything was fine and back to normal. I think I heard this is the coldest it has been here in several years, so next time we'll keep the water dripping, maybe??????

Today is Bill's birthday! I won't tell you which one, but let's just say, he's getting on up ther. But, all in all, he says he didn't feel any different than yesterday, so I guess that's a good thing. We went to breakfast at one of his favorite spots in Winston and then for dinner, we went to Red Lobster. Not one of my favorites, but he loves their shrimp and we had a discount coupon to boot, so why not. It was really good and I totally cleaned my plate! LOL! I was absolutely amazed at all the folks that were there today! We waited close to an hour just to be seated! There is NO recession in Forsyth County!!!

Everywhere we went today, it was busy and believe me, we made the rounds. I spent about an hour in Michael's today shopping and they were very busy. I guess lots of folks crafting with the cold weather.

Every year around his birthday, we start discussing what he would like for a gift. He had mentioned a few things, some of which I don't have a clue what they are. But, I ended up getting him this really nifty little "Gadget" . It's like this really huge Duracell battery that can work as a portable emergency power .

300-Watts Household power
Vehicle Jump-Starter
12-Volt DC Power Source
250-PSI Air Compressor
And Detatchable Flashlight

You can fill tires along with toys and such. But, then it's still can jump start your car and it has a flashlight built in. Pretty cool and the perfect gift for him.

Sorry....y'all! This was supposed to be Shari's Friday Favorite, but I had such a lousy day, that I never got around to posting anything. Thank goodness, I'm feeling better today. I guess everyone has good days and bad days, huh???

This is one of my favorite places to sit and read. The lighting is great and wing chair is very comfy.

Talk to y'all soon!

Until next time.



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