Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Travels

First of all, we picked the worst possible weather day to take a road trip. Retha, Bobbie Jo and I left bright (well, actually it was very cloudy) and early this morning and headed to historic Apex to check out the Rusty Bucket. It was a trip we had been planning to take for quite a while, but just haven't gotten around to doing it. Since Bobbie has to go back to school tomorrow, it had to be today, or who knows when we would have another chance.

I, personally had a terrific time meeting Pam and seeing all her treasures. A really neat store with a lot of personality and the classes she offers are fabulous. We all wish we were closer so we could participate.
I made my list of needfuls before I left home and I bought a few things that I absolutely adore. Not anything that was on my list, but still things I "needed". Almost the first thing I saw was a piece of pottery and I knew it was coming home with me. A black table was another great find. It didn't fit the spot that I had hoped for, but I'm sure it will find a place in my home. A little chalk board on a stand was something else that I just love. ( Bobbie has one and I have always wanted it, heehee.) A woven runner in burgandy and tan was the final piece that came back to K-ville to live.

Hopefully, if you are ever in the area you can check out the Rusty Bucket too! I look forward to going back one day soon. And Pam, thank you so much for your kindness and showing us around.
Until next time.


Karen said...

Hi Shari, I sure love your finds - and I love that bench....it reminds me of a bucket bench. Is that what it's called? And just where is the Rusty Bucket?
Oh hey, I increased my margains on my blog and it was easy...have you tried to yet?

Pam at Antique or Not said...

I'm so glad that got to meet Pam...isn't she the sweetest? My son lives in Durham and we got to meet Pam and Mack while we were visiting him earlier in the year. They're the best folks, and the shop is to die for!

Sharon/primthyme said...

I love your finds--- and I fixed my blog so you can go to Mulberry Creek Mercantile !!!
Prim Hugs,Sharon

Shari said...

Thanks Y'all!Karen, the Rusty Bucket is in Apex, NC. Loved it!

Sharon, off to peek!